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Sep 8, 2008 08:18 PM

corn ice cream?

I am having the strangest craving for corn ice cream that just won't go away... Any ideas where I can get some? Christina's used to make it this time of year, but they don't seem to anymore. I've asked the last few times I was there and they thought I was a bit strange. Any leads would be appreciated, location doesn't matter but north of the city preferred !

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  1. not pure corn but magnolia brand makes corn and cheese ice cream. you can find it at asian markets like super 88 and kam man marketplace

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      Last time I was at Super88 in allston, the magnolia brand ice cream was completely gone. For a while they'd been carrying another brand which I now forget, but it was gone too. I can sort of see why--turnover is probably quite low. (Even when nostalgia for corn & cheese ice cream hits, $6 or more for a small sized container of freezery Magnolia seems rather steep, and we usually end up passing it by) CMart on Washington street has various filipino ice cream products, but usually just bars with ube, macapuno, etc. (no corn, no avocado) Kam Man might have more...

      We've given up and do it halo halo style-- just spoon some creamed corn and grated mild cheddar onto shave ice or vanilla ice cream :)

    2. Okay...and what exactly does it taste like??? I am curious. I could never have imagined they even sold corn ice I want to try a scoop.

      1. Try Whole Foods--I have found Palapa Azul brand Sweet Corn Ice Cream in the freezer section at Fresh Pond.

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