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Sep 8, 2008 08:01 PM

Beacon - a big disappointment

tried Beacon with my wife and parents yesterday, and i'd have to say it was a big disappointment. we were pretty excited to try it, as some of the posts here were quite complimentary. also, my folks are chinese who lived in japan for most of their childhood, so the fusion of chinese and japanese was right up their alley. alas, the food did not quite make the cut. i think my entree was the only good one: the kakuni udon. very good, and the broth a little reminiscent of santouku's (a little less salty and porky, but you get the picture). my parents both got the hanger steak which were both terribly salty. my wife's miso black cod was OK. nothing special. the appetizers were also just OK. we had the ahi tuna pizza, kaki fry, and some special soft shell crab roll. well, i guess the pizza and kaki fry were pretty good, but nothing transcendent. pretty standard fare at an izakaya. the sushi roll was yuck though. it was falling apart and the rice was still hot??? weird. anyways, just expected better from beacon. don't think i can force myself to try it again with F.O. across the parking lot....

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  1. Disappointment--who the heck said it was any good anyway????

    1. Bummer to hear, had a fairly good meal there about half a year back -- but my friend and I went for more fusion-y stuff (tasmanian sea trout with grits and black bean sauce, mushroom salad with yuzu dressing and manchego cheese). I guess the steak was the dealbreaker in your case, should send it back if it was that ruined by salt.


      1. i agree. because i ended up in that area and needed to grab a quick dinner i made the mistake of trying beacon several times, each time wondering why i went back and how it is that others seemed to find it just fine.

        1. I totally agree, never understood what the fuzz is all about. Mediocre at best.

          1. Hey, let's give Beacon at least some props that are deserved. They opened to some acclaim and generally good reviews several years ago. An upper-scale restaurant opening an outpost in a Culver City where, at that time, San Gennaro was about as upscale as it got in that area. Without Beacon showing some initial buzz and success, would there be a Ford's, Fraiche, or Father's Office?

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              I enjoyed my one lunch there. I wasn't expecting anything "transcendent" or "special." If that's the Chowhound standard, there should be just a post or two a day on the board. I was expecting and was served a mere decent meal. Fresh ingredients, simple preparations.

              1. re: nosh

                I have been there over a dozen times and never been disappointed at all

                1. re: jimmyodonnell

                  I, too, have eaten at Beacon over a dozen times; it is one of the only restaurants in LA that hasn't disappointed me food/service wise, ever. And, when I've a hankering for red meat, Beacon's hanger steak calls to me. Lastly, I'm pretty much through with FO2 so, I'll be back to Beacon when I'm in the area.

                  1. re: yinyangdi

                    As a Culver City resident who doesn't like to cook I've hit pretty much every single of the "new" Culver spots a few times now. Must admit Beacon is the only place I haven't been disappointed in yet. Its by no means a place I'd travel across the city for but when I want a good dining experience locally it's my go-to spot.

                    1. re: Discokill

                      It's the only place in CuCi where I've never had a good meal or service. It was written off long ago in my book.

                2. re: nosh

                  that's all fine and dandy but it is ultimately about the food and that's where their meals fail, time and again. besides that, the service also isn't so great. i've had my share of annoying waiters there.

                  the food is on the level of sushi roku, which some people accept as well. in a town such as this one, with so much incredible asian food, i shall pass on beacon. i wanted to like it and tried it several times.