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Sep 8, 2008 07:56 PM

Why can't you buy a half loaf of bread??!!

So here it is, another garbage night, and another half loaf of bread in the garbage..
Why isn't there half loaves of bread available to buy??
As a 'singleton', I just don't finish a whole loaf and always end up trashing most of it..i know I could freeze it, but it's just not the same..
Anyone ever seen a half loaf option?

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  1. not in the USA but in the UK you can buy small loaves.

    1. Well, I've seen some half-sized/half-loafs in the bakery area of the grocery store, but most of those have no preservatives and go bad in a couple days, and they cost more than a full loaf in some cases. Maybe you could go "halfsies" with a neighbor? Get a bread machine (probably cheaper per loaf and better tasting) and bake your own?

      1. Farmer's Markets in NYC offered half loaves to people who wanted them -- I'm not sure if they still do. About ten years ago or so, vendors were asking as much as five dollars for a loaf of bread, and some customers found that to be exorbitant, so I guess vendors decided to offer half loaves. I've never seen anyone else make a practice of this though except there in NYC. The practice proved worthless to me because I would purchase a half loaf of bread and devour most of it there while I shopped for other produce. It was jalapeno cheddar bread. Tempting and delicious.

        1. I freeze whole loaves. Turn out fine.

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            I freeze half loaves all the time, after using half of a regular loaf fresh. I sometimes buy halves, but only if they don't charge more than 3/4 the price of the regular loaf. If not, I just buy the whole. I find frozen bread can suffer in texture is you're dealing with a chewy/crusty italian or french bread, but it still makes great toast, bruschetta, crostini, french toast, bread pudding, panzanella (anywhere stale bread is used). depending on the bread, it can hold up very well in the freezer. My wife and kids love "American" bread. It seems to last forever in the freezer (kept well sealed, of course) with no discernable loss of taste or texture. It's an ongoing debate in my house as to whether or not it's actually bread, though :-)

          2. Maybe freeze part for breadcrumbs, bread pudding, french toast, etc?

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              exactly, there no need to waste food by throwing out a half loaf of pefectly good bread that could be used for something else.

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                Besides other thoughts on how to use the extra bread, there's always the option of making sandwiches for the homeless.