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Sep 8, 2008 07:55 PM

Lunch in Wellfleet off-season (sept 13-17)

I know the topic of where to eat in Wellfleet has been discussed to death on this board and I apologize for bringing it up again. But 3 things make it a little tricky to do my homework properly:

-we need lunches (not dinners)
-we'll be there Sept 13-17 (off-season, so many places close)
-we'll have a one year old with us.

We are looking for lunch places that have excellent food and relatively efficient service. Is there some place that offers good lobster bisque, clam/fish chowder, lobster rolls, etc.? I tried calling the places positively reviewed on this board (Wicked Oyster and Mac's), but they seem to be closed for lunch in mid september. Any other options?

I was also hoping to go to Hatch's to buy fish for dinner, but their site says they are only opened till mid september and when I tried to call no one picked up. Not sure if sept 13-17 is the good mid part of the bad mid part. Anyone knows?

Any advice on where to buy good bread?

Breakfast and bakery suggestions would also be welcome :)

Thanks so much!

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  1. Did you try The Beachcomber? I think they are open for lunch until at least October.

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    1. re: malibu

      The "Comah" has closed Labour Day for years. I just rang them, Malibu, to check if they are open this year and they are not. I'd go up to P Town for lunches..more options.

      1. re: luci

        any places in particular in P Town that are good for lunch (and open off-season)?

        1. re: A Fish Called Wanda

          I enjoyed Ross's Grill's views and food but it was a little noisey..check it out..Lobster Pot has nice fare, basic and consistent.

    2. The Wicked Oyster, 50 Main Street, Wellfleet, is a wonderful place for lunch and I'm quite sure that they're open off season. It's not too far off the highway on the way to Wellfleet Harbor and better than the Bookstore.

      1. PS Sorry that I didn't read your original post closely, I do seem to remember having lunch at the Wicked Oyster in September but perhaps the economy, etc., has made staying open for lunch off season not viable.

        1. A great kid-friendly place for lunch in Wellfleet is Moby Dick's, right on 6 (on the left if you're headed toward P-town). Good food, generous portions and friendly service. Its pretty no-frills, but a great value. I'll be making at least 2 stops there when I'm in the Cape 9/16-24- I wait all year for their fried oysters! Also, one of the Mac's locations stays open like Moby Dick's until around Columbus Day.

          Most places in P-town will still be open(good Portuguese bakery for your bread). The Surf Club is one our faves, partly because of the view (right on the edge of the dock), and partly because of the food- outstanding fried calamari, and a yummy lobster club sandwich... we've never had a bad meal there- just ignore the decor, or lack thereof. Have a wonderful trip!

          1. For a great fish market, check out Mac's Seafood. We got some fabulous stuff that we cooked ourselves at their Truro shop. Here's their web address: