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Sep 8, 2008 07:53 PM

Rome, New Year's Eve

I know this has been touched upon before, but requests and recommendations seem to have been limited to restaurants. We are looking for a complete dining/dancing/gala event for New Year's Eve (Dec. 31, 2008), with the only caveat being that the most important element of the night is, to us, the quality of the food. A decent band or great atmosphere won't compensate for less-than-stellar dining. We are staying at the Cavalieri Hilton and have heard some negative things about La Pergola, so we are reluctant to place our New Year's Eve "bet" on that, although it would be an obvious choice. Any suggestions (as well as further comments on La Pergola) would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I can't imagine staying at the Hilton on New Year's Eve and NOT going to La Pergola, if I could afford it. I haven't eaten there in a while, but have always found it wonderful from all points of view, and speaking of view... Rome is not a dancing and gala sort of town, so if you're already in one of most elegant spots avaiilable, just stay put.

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      Thanks for your response. The dinner at La Pergola is expected to be $1,100 Euros, apparently (per person). Even with dancing, etc., I have a hard time enjoying something so pricey. It is more than likely that it simply won't be worth the price tag, hence my search for alternatives.