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Sep 8, 2008 07:47 PM

Best Menudo in LA

I am in search of the best tasting spicy Mexican Menudo....

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  1. Saturdays and Sundays or any day of the week? I'm not sure as to the answer but the answer to my question might help narrow it down with other people. Area that you are interested in might also help too.

    1. I'm with you in your search but it seems to me that Menudo is a subjective bowl of deliciousness.

      I will grab a bowl at Peppy's Galley in Mar Vista if I'm around that side of town on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

      1. Preferably Weekends. I live in Long Beach. I don't mind driving out to LA or surrounding areas for Menudo. To be more precise, I'm looking for a hole in the wall place. The kind of place that sells Menudo by the ladle or by the size of the pot you bring from home.