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Star Struck Friend Coming to Town

Hi Guys~

My best friend is coming to town and she looovvveeess celebs!
I wanna pack the weekend with restaurants where she can see some... any suggestions besides the typical Ivy and Mr. Chow's?


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  1. Guaranteed, or hoping to see celebrities?
    If you want a guarantee, Mr. Chow is it, sit at a booth in front and watch the madness. Never fails.
    Chateau Marmont in the Garden is another.
    If not, Dan Tana's is OK, Koi maybe, Il Sole as well.

    This isn't about food right? Because that's another story.

    1. Nobu in Malibu almost always has a celeb or two.

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        After Nobu, go shopping in the Ralph's across the street...or, in the afternoon, just shop around the stores near the children's play area.

      2. Lunch at the Hollywood Fred Segal. Madonna was there last time I swung by.

        1. Mozza, Katsuya, STK, and Cut would all be good choices.

          1. The Ivy on Robertson for lunch is always packed with celebs. For dinner, try Koi, Nobu, STK on LaCienega or Katana or Katsuya on Sunset. In Beverly Hills, Mastro's, Mr. Chows and Cut are always good choices for celebs as well.

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              We've always had sightings at Taverna Tony in Malibu, and during the daytime go to the little park nearby.

              1. Pray your friend gets over it?

                Guys, the poster wanted BESIDES Mr. Chow's and the IVy!

                Beyond that, don;t forget celebs need clothes and groceries, too. PAcific Pallisades, Marina Del Ray and NoHo Gelson's often are good places.

                I saw Jose Canseco at Anisette, in fact, he told us all he was Jose Canseco, "I'm Jose Canseco". Indeed, he was.

                Take your celeb fanatic up Runyon Canyon, they all seem to want to go up there and pretend its exercising.

                Spago is a good bet and the food is good, too.

                Dolce seems to get a few.

                Lots of Celebs actually live in or on the edge of the San Fernando Valley. I've seen em at Iroha, Nozawa (eew, icky) Asanebo (better sushi), Katsuya, The Sunday Studio City Farmer's Market, Artisan Cheese Gallery (go for cheese or sandwiches! I see most celebrities there on sunday during the farmer's market, since it is so close) Firefly, Art's Deli (that was jack Black.) and so on.

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                  Took my star-gazing out-of-town friend to Nobu on two separate occasions, and we saw Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell and Chris Robinson (together of course), Harrison Ford and Calista, Kelsey Grammar, Lara Flynn Boyle, Renee Zellweger, Courtney Cox, David Arquette and Dean Caine between the two visits. Not bragging or anything but even though I grew up in Malibu and worked at Fred Segal in high school and have had plenty of star sitings here and there, I've never seen so many celebrities in one place at the same time in a public place.

                  Expect to drop a pretty penny though. Toro was $12 per piece, I think.

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                    nobu is probably right. a friend works as a chef in the kitchen and says celebs are always there or so he hears from the front of the house staff. mastros is good...last time i was there saw a bunch of photogs camped outside, have no idea who they were waiting for though.

                2. You stay in one spot in LA long enough and you're bound to see someone famous. I've been working at the cafe inside the Barnes & Noble next to the Westside Pavillion & Landmark Theaters and typically see a celeb at least every other week.

                  There's usually a celeb or two at any of the Urth Cafes. You're more likely to see one at the West Hollywood one.

                  There's Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills & Geisha House in Hollywood

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                    Geisha House is soooo five years ago.

                    For me, it's always been Mozza and the LA Farmers Market. Il Sole and Urth are fair bets, too.

                    The best resource for such things: Eater LA

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                      "it's always been Mozza"?? The place has been open for a year.

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                        By the LA farmer's market, do you mean the "Original Farmer's Market" on Fairfax or the big market downtown, or what?

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                          The big one downtown is generally referred to as Grand Central Market. The LA Farmer's Market is how most people refer to the one on Fairfax.

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                        "You stay in one spot in LA long enough and you're bound to see someone famous"

                        True. Every restaurant I've worked at in this city has drawn celebrities--and I've never worked at Spago, Cut, or any place of that caliber.

                        If you really want to see someone famous, I'd say pick a shopping street over a particular restaurant. Melrose, Robinson and Montana are all good places to start--spend an hour walking around, focusing on the coffee shops, and you're bound to spot someone.

                        If you're really after one particular restaurant that will always have someone famous in it at any given time, your best bet is a studio cafeteria... if you can get past security, of course :-)

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                          I have to disagree on the studio cafeteria recommendation. I worked at Fox for 15 years and ate plenty of meals in the commissary. Usually you just see executives.

                          The place where I see famous folks on a regular basis is the little deli on top of Beverly Glen, and sometimes the Starbucks up there too. And, for some reason, the CVS in Sherman Oaks.

                      3. Friday lunch at Spago.

                        1. stroll along Montana Ave on a saturday or sunday afternoon and after grabbing a great espresso at caffe luxxe. i always see celebrities quietly hanging out on the ave on the weekends... hilary swank, david duchovny and tea leoni, jen garner, etc. i think you have a better chance at multiple celeb sightings there than at specific restaurants.

                          1. Oh yeah, forgot about the Grill on the Alley for lunch.

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                              It was featured in Last weeks Entourage. When Dommy and I went a few months ago. we were plopped down next to Sumner Redstone's Table.

                            2. Try Reel Inn in Malibu. Good fishy too!

                              1. Another vote for Chateau Marmont. Guaranteed. Cameron Diaz last time I was there. Robert Downey Jr. the time before.

                                And I also agree with Urth Cafe on Melrose.

                                1. CUT
                                  Giorgio Baldi
                                  Chateau Marmont
                                  Whole Food Santa Monica
                                  Matsuhisa (on Thursdays)

                                  1. Bristol Farms on Beverly at the 'hot food to go'...
                                    Along with the effing papparazi who think nobody knows who they are.

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                                    1. Forget about restaurants on a weekend. You'll find publicity hungry celebs at Kitson on Robertson and at the Malibu Mart on PCH.

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                                        Agree with all the areas to shop & eat. Include the Melrose Trading Post swap meet http://www.greenwayarts.org/tradingpo... at Fairfax Hi every Sunday and then walk to Starbucks. Even though I thought the food was overrated, shop at Barney's and eat at Barney Greengrass in BH. Go to Canter's Deli on Fairfax late at night or Nate and Al's Deli on Beverly in BH in the morning.

                                      2. Most of my celeb sightings have been at gas stations, movie theaters, the freeway etc.

                                        But I find the "guarenteed" sighting is the Grove.

                                        1. Either Gigorio di Baldi in Santa Monica Canyon or Madeo's. Dan Tana's good too.