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Sep 8, 2008 07:29 PM

Need Restaurants in Newport, RI for 9/25-9/28

I’ve lurked on the boards for a while, but haven’t posted until now. I lived in RI for several years but never made it to Newport. My little sister has wanted to go for about the last 3 years and so I am going to take her up to the Newport Food & Wine festival for her birthday. I need recommendations for almost every meal; she loves most food, but is particularly fond of restaurants with good wine list (including by the glass) for dinner, and loves high tea, so anything you guys can suggest would be great!

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  1. The Mooring has one of the best wine lists around (Wine Spectator awards), and the food is pretty darn good too. for menus.

    here is a list of tea rooms and places serving afternoon tea in Newport:

    1. Spiced Pear at the Chanler Hote or Castle Hill for good wine list. Dinners are expensive as you can imagine, although the Mooring is not cheap either

      i alwys like Zelda's as well

      are you staying in town?

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        We're trying to, but having a bit of a problem with that because I have a service dog and most of the bed & breakfasts have been unwilling/unable to handle us. Right now I’m looking at:
        Castle Hill (either for a brunch or dinner)
        Spiced Pear
        One Bellevue (either for tea or dinner)
        The Mooring
        22 Bowens
        Cliffside Inn or Abigail Stoneman Inn or Adele Turner Inn or Spring Street Inn (for tea)

        I ‘d love any suggestions, thoughts, reviews, etc. you might have. I’m looking for 2 lunches or teas, 2 dinners, and maybe 2 breakfasts, and haven’t figured out which is best for what yet.


        1. re: NC IP

          FYI the Americans with Disabilities Act requires they accommodate you and your service animal. One link of many:

          It's a violation of federal law to discriminate based on one's disability or their service animal. You should complain to the R.I. Attorney General's Office if you are receiving such treatment.

          1. re: RC51Mike

            Absolutely!!!! My jaw dropped as I read NC's post. How dare they??

            1. re: RC51Mike

              Thanks for the advice! My recollection is there is an exception for places that have fewer than five rooms if the place is the actually residence of the owner (I haven’t checked in a while though so I could be mistaken), and some of these places are fewer then 5 rooms. In the past I have emphasized the requirements under the ADA to hotels and restaurants and usually that results in my receiving service. Whether or not people are pleasant about it is an entirely different matter, and I was concerned about the results should I do the same for a B&B.

            2. re: NC IP

              Spiced Pear is the best in town. 22 Bowens and The Mooring are good but not quite in the same league. Castle Hill has been hit or miss for me. If you go to the Spiced Pear call ahead and let them know what you're celebrating. They are great for special occasions.

              1. re: NC IP

                I'm sorry you are having difficulty finding a place to accommodate you. I am a weekend puppy raiser for an organization that raises and trains service dogs. Most of the places I go with the dog in training don't even blink when I walk in with a dog. Some need to be gently reminded about the ADA (in RI and MA dogs in training are also covered). I haven't stayed overnight in Newport with the dog, but I have eaten at Cafe Zelda and they were fine and never said a word about the dog. When I do go out, I usually call ahead and make a reservation then tell them I have a service dog who requires no special accommodations and that I want to make sure there will be no issues when we arrive for our dinner. I have not had an issue when I have done this. I also have found that the smaller mom and pop places sometimes tend to be less informed on the ADA than some of the more corporate establishments but usually after a bit of education are fine.

                1. re: NC IP

                  I should have answered your question with my other post.

                  I love Castle Hill. Brunch is good, but I love dinner there at sunset with a window seat and a drink on their lawn or patio before dinner if weather permits. It is just beautiful. Castle Hill does have a tea at 3 or 4, but I believe it may only be for hotel guests. You might want to ask them if they would allow non hotel guests for tea for a special occassion.

                  I have not been to One Bellevue or Spiced Pear yet.

                  The Mooring and 22 Bowens are good, just not as special as Castle Hill.

              2. Based on the replies we've gotten, and the other threads here, we has decided to do dinner at Capriccio in Providence 9/25 (I know that it has mixed reviews here, but we’ve had good luck and its where we went for her 21st so it has history); Fluke in Newport for dinner on Friday, and either Spiced Pear or Castle Hill for dinner on Saturday. We’re going armed with a list of all the lunch & brunch places suggested and will poke around and see where we end up. We also want to hit one of the vineyards, although I haven’t figured out which one yet, so please let me know if you have suggestions.

                Based on the reviews we’ve had trouble deciding between Castle Hill and Spiced Pear because there hasn’t been much specific information on Spiced Pear. If money were not an issue, which of those two would you suggest for a birthday dinner and why?

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                  I think Castle Hill has a more solid reputation for food. And amazing though both views are, I'd have to give Castle Hill the edge. Well.....that's assuming they serve dinner outside....if they don't, and the weather's good, I'd go to Spiced Pear. The Terraza overlooking the ocean is gorgeous.

                  Of the wineries in that area, I'd say head just a bit further out (Westport MA) to Westport Rivers. Head and shoulders over the other 3 local ones in quality (Sakonnet, Newport, Greenvale). Of those three, I prefer Greenvale.