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Cupcakes for a Cupcake Tree at a reasonable price?

Hi all,

I am having my engagement party with about 120 guests in a month and wanted to incorporate a cupcake tree. I can buy the stand myself from somewhere (suggestions would be appreciated) but need advice on where to get 120 cupcakes at a reasonable price (not $4.00 a cupcake). Of course they should taste good, but here I care more about the idea of a cupcake tree than excellency in taste. Thanks in advance! ~Xena

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  1. You don't specify where you are, but Woodmoor Pastry Shop in the Four Corners shopping center in Silver Spring has really nice cupcakes for $.75 each. They might discount for volume. And I know they do special orders because they were bringing out a sheet of cupcakes a few days ago when I was in buying cupcakes for a child's birthday party. It's an old fashioned bakery - small, unchanged by time.

    Search eBay for cupcake stands. There's one 8-tiered tower listed that holds 120.

    1. Costco makes wonderful cupcakes. Check the size to make sure they will fit on your stand.

      1. I am in Alexandria,Va, so Silver Spring may be a bit too far.

        As for Costco, I thought about it but their cupcakes are HUGE. I don't think any stand can hold 120 of those. I do wonder if you can request for them to make them smaller. Certainly something to think about.

        Does anyone recall if Heidelburg Bakery's cupcakes are good?

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        1. Funny enough, last week I was in the Crate and Barrel outlet store here in Alexandria and they had cup cake trees for sale, a couple of different kinds if I remember correctly. They have a little display of cupcake paraphenalia to the right as you enter. Of course, cupcake places are popping up all over the place. I have tried Lavender Moon a couple of times here in Alexandria (granted on a weekday afternoon) but have yet to find them open. I'm excited when I actually do get to try a cupcake.

          1. How about Wegmans? I really like their cupcakes, they are simple, moist and tastey. I am fairly certain that their cupcakes are well under $1 each. They have a great catering department and I think they might even deliver them.

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              Firehook bakery has good not too expensive cupcakes.

            2. BJ's cupcakes are pretty good - especially if you ask them to go easy on the icing and you can get both vanilla and chocolate.

              If you're buying 120 of them, they will usually make them in the size you'd like (if they are different than what they usually do) - I ordered 8 dozen about 6 months ago and they made them in the size I needed, and decorated them to my specs as well.

              1. Update: We went to Heidelburg Bakery yesterday for a cupcake tasting. We ended up getting the cupcakes from there for $1.10 each since we paid cash up front. (Otherwise I think it's $1.25). They have the basics- yellow or chocolate with flavored buttercream frosting. The cupcakes tasted realy good at room temperature and weren't super expensive. So overall not a bad deal.

                1. Check out the Crystal Palace Cupcake Tree. You can easily afford a medium-sized version, and it's so much more beautiful than other models on the market. It's made of clear acrylic, breaks down for storage and is just gorgeous! www.crystalpalacecupcaketree.com