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Sep 8, 2008 07:22 PM

Cupcakes for a Cupcake Tree at a reasonable price?

Hi all,

I am having my engagement party with about 120 guests in a month and wanted to incorporate a cupcake tree. I can buy the stand myself from somewhere (suggestions would be appreciated) but need advice on where to get 120 cupcakes at a reasonable price (not $4.00 a cupcake). Of course they should taste good, but here I care more about the idea of a cupcake tree than excellency in taste. Thanks in advance! ~Xena

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  1. You don't specify where you are, but Woodmoor Pastry Shop in the Four Corners shopping center in Silver Spring has really nice cupcakes for $.75 each. They might discount for volume. And I know they do special orders because they were bringing out a sheet of cupcakes a few days ago when I was in buying cupcakes for a child's birthday party. It's an old fashioned bakery - small, unchanged by time.

    Search eBay for cupcake stands. There's one 8-tiered tower listed that holds 120.

    1. Costco makes wonderful cupcakes. Check the size to make sure they will fit on your stand.

      1. I am in Alexandria,Va, so Silver Spring may be a bit too far.

        As for Costco, I thought about it but their cupcakes are HUGE. I don't think any stand can hold 120 of those. I do wonder if you can request for them to make them smaller. Certainly something to think about.

        Does anyone recall if Heidelburg Bakery's cupcakes are good?

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        1. Funny enough, last week I was in the Crate and Barrel outlet store here in Alexandria and they had cup cake trees for sale, a couple of different kinds if I remember correctly. They have a little display of cupcake paraphenalia to the right as you enter. Of course, cupcake places are popping up all over the place. I have tried Lavender Moon a couple of times here in Alexandria (granted on a weekday afternoon) but have yet to find them open. I'm excited when I actually do get to try a cupcake.

          1. The original comment has been removed