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Sep 8, 2008 07:14 PM

South End Buttery for DINNER?!?

Any reviews of the South End Buttery's dinner? The menu looks good, but I'd love to hear some recent opinions/reviews - thanks!

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  1. Very good, lots of reviews on Yelp.

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    1. re: SaraASR

      I was there a couple of weeks ago. Good, on the casual side, which is fine since half the seating is in what is the coffee bar during the day. We kept joking about reaching over and grabbing a bag of chips from the counter by where we were sitting.

      No entrée was over $20, which is nice for the South End. We had four dishes and liked all of them. I remember some clams with chorizo and a melon and prosciutto salad. Three of our dishes had pork of some sort in them, which is not a complaint. Service was a touch slow, but helpful otherwise. I live nearby, so hopefully this can become one of the places we go to often.

      1. re: SaraASR

        Only a handful of the Yelp reviews are for dinner.