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Sep 8, 2008 07:06 PM

Stromboli or Calzone in CGY

I need a Stromboli or will settle for a Calzone and I want to know, where are the spots in Calgary to try?

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  1. Can't help with your search, but I can attest to the deliciousness that is a Calzone. I had a huge craving for a one today, so much so that I ended up making my own. They sure are a delicious treat!

    1. It's been awhile but I used to go to Urban Pizza for their Calzones. This place has been around for ages so they must be doing something right! Not sure where you live but it is in the S.E around the Willowpark area: 675 Acadia Drive SE Calgary, (403) 271-1181
      I could be wrong but I remember hearing something about them putting beer in their dough recipe? Definitely not traditional but I do remember liking the consistency of the dough, not too doughy and just the right amnt of chewiness and I liked the fresh chunky tomato sauce you could get on the side.
      If you're feelin too lazy to make your own dough I think Mercato sells already made dough or sometimes it doesn't hurt to ask your fave pizza shop if you can buy some dough off them and make your own at home. Good luck with your search!

      1. There was a debate a while back on just what a strombo is- where I grew up, is was sort of a pizza done like a jelly roll- other places don't seem to make any distinction between a calzone, strombo and a panzerotto...

        anyway, they have calzones on the menu at Co-op Midtown Market and I'm sure any other locations that have the wood-burning pizza oven. If the calzone is as good as the pizza, you're in luck because that pizza is superb.

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          For me a Stromboli is just as you described JM. I would use the Jelly Roll analogy. Some think its just a big calzone cut into slices. Either way, I would be happy. I gotta get me some Stromboli or Calzone. I don't know why but its just a little different from a pizza...
          I might have to check the Calzone at the Co-op.
          (Thanks for the suggestions so far.. Willowpark is a bit out of the way but if I can't get my fix closer, I will make my way down there!)

        2. Pulcinella in Kensington serves a decent calzone along with very good calamari and Neapolitan pizza

          1. Not being an expert on Calzones, I do say I enjoy the ones at Coco Brooks (especially the pepperoni and mushroom). Only problem is that you are stuck with what they offer as everything is premade.