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Sep 8, 2008 06:53 PM

Good place to buy beer in Seattle?

hello, we need to buy beer for a wedding we're having in Whidbey. In SF, we have Beverages and More with a lot of selection and good prices. I am not a cost -co member. Any suggestions where to go?


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  1. rin--I don't know how it works in WA, but in IN and IL anyone can go into Costco and buy booze because membership can't be required for a liquor purchase. That makes Costco a contender. How about calling them?

    We tend to track which grocery store has it on sale (Wed. newspaper ads). We bought some cases this summer for a wedding, as well.

    1. Bottleworks in Wallingford would be my first thought:

      There's also a place up on Northgate on the east side of the intersection with aurora (on the south side of the street) which claims to have Seattles best selection, but unsure on the prices. haven't been there in ages.

      Otherwise, I'd try the Town and Country Markets, which always seem to have a good selection and good prices.

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        I think I've been to the Northgate place. They do have a big selection of imported beers and alot of US brews as well. Their prices are better than bottleworks (I love bottleworks, but they don't really attempt to compete on price). I wonder about the age of some of the beers at Northgate.

        For a wedding though, I would definately go with a keg from a good local brewery, esp. Georgetown-Roger's Pilsner and Manny's Pale Ale are both crowd pleasers IMO. Keg makes for fresher beer, easier transport, and much less waste.

      2. Is your main criteria selection or price?

        Bottleworks has great variety, as does that new place down in Georgetown, Full Throttle. But they can both get a little expensive...
        Although, I'd give them a call and see if they won't give you a volume discount, they seem like the type that might entertain the offer.

        Also, give the breweries a call. I know Georgetown, Elysian, Maritime and Redhook all do keg business, and those are priced pretty nicely. (I would assume other guys like Hale's, McNemanin's and Baron would too, but I don't know for sure)

        1. Bottleworks, on 45th has bottles - lots of variety, and then there's
          Whidbey Island Brewing
          630 Second Street
          Langley, WA 98260

          1. If you are looking for a keg, or half keg, from a microbrewery, try Big Time Brewery in the U District.