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Sep 8, 2008 06:09 PM

Wine of the Month Clubs


I love wine, and for awhile now I've wanted to sign up for one of them wine of the month clubs. I've been looking around and have found a few that look good, but would like some feedback from those of you whom are members, or have had experience with such things. I am mostly interested in the wine clubs that feature international wines, as well as local.


noob and first poster.

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  1. Recipe for Disaster is a good name for most wine clubs. The ones I've seen tend to send you bottles of unknown wine for greatly inflated prices.

    I'd suggest you attend some retail tastings and buy what you KNOW you will like. Wine clubs are a definite pass in my book.

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      How do I find these "retail tastings" if I was interested.


      1. re: Recipe for Disaster

        Being in Toronto, I would suggest you check out what Vintages and the LCBO have to offer. You should also check out what various wine bars an restaurants are pouring by the glass. Additionally, check out what your local community college might offer in the way of wine tasting classes. And finally, there are plenty of fine wines produced in Ontario -- visit the wineries . . . .