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Sep 8, 2008 06:08 PM

1789 lately?

We're heading to 1789 on Friday evening to use the 3-course $37 coupon before it expires next week. We've never been and are looking forward to it. Has anyone been over the past few months that can speak to what the highlights and dishes to avoid may be on the menu? The website says the menu rotates, but I wasn't sure how much or how often so thought I'd throw it out there anyway. Thanks!

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  1. We go alot and have gone alot more this summer than usual due to the coupon. everything is will love it. Unlike more trendy places it has the big 3: great food, great service, lovely atmosphere w/o the noise. Anything you get will be great. They are known for their lamb although i've never had it (and it's an upcharge from the summer special). I love all their fish dishes. Never had a bad one. My hubby always gets the steak and it's delicious too. They normally have some sort of lobster but i haven't seen it this summer (if you do see it grab it,,,it's awesome!) If you are wine fans, you'll be in heaven. Make sure you go early and have a drink at Pino's tiny bar. It's wonderful.
    The cavatelli app, if they still have it, was delicious last visit. The ice creams are always a good dessert choice.

    Maybe we'll see you there...we're going friday too before it expires!

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    1. Why don't you try calling the restaurant? Most, if not all, restaurants do not make all tables available for reservations on Open Table so just because you don't see any availability there doesn't mean the restaurant necessarily is booked then.

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        I called the restaurant.. the hostess is the one who offered the 9:30 time slot.

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        Wonderful! I read a lot of mixed reviews on it so I was kind of on the fence but the coupon is too good to pass up. Looking forward to it even more now!

        Oh, and re: reservation, I got an 8:45 and called to see if I could bump any earlier, and the hostess told me that they put all of the reservations out on Open Table. Whether or not that's the case, who knows, but I figured this weekend would be tough to get in since everyone wants to use the coupon before it expires.

      3. The atmosphere at 1789 is lovely & elegant. They do have a variety of rooms on various levels so you can have a different ambiance every time if you are seated in various places.

        My husband loves the steak tartare as an appetizer. I had vichyssoise once this summer & a cold cucumber soup another evening - both were delicious & a perfect compliment to the hot weather. I also enjoy the salads for appetizers. As for entrees - the lamb is great - we've had rack of lamb & lamb chops. We both also really enjoy the New York strip with the onion rings (I think that's a menu staple). When they have the butternut squash ravioli with sage leaves in brown butter (I don't think they put that on the menu until fall) - it's heaven.

        1. I went to dinner at 1789 on friday night. The food and service were both spot on. It was very busy and our dinner was very smootha nd enjoyable. The food was terrific ( sweetbreads, scallops, and tar tar) the lamb chopwas the tables favorite served with potato perogies. They have a new chef and the food deff. exceeded my previous meal there from a couple years ago. I will deff be back alot sooner this time around

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            We were there friday night too and it was SLAMMED! but you are right, it didn't degrade the always stellar service one bit. We had our usual coveted corner banquette table in the main DR and observed the whole show and no matter what ever changes, this is one thing about 1789 that you can be sure of, you'll be taken very good care of. I had the cavatelli, roasted chicken and jasmine rice pudding w/ cherry sorbet. All was great. But one thing: i do think their current pastry chef needs a kick in the pants. The recent offerings have been a little strange and there is NO dark chocolate on there right now!! But i'm almost glad the coupon is ending this week...i like 1789 when it' a little less packed.

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              Your wish is their command. Last night, for the first time, the menu included a dark chocolate and fig brownie topped with ice cream and some other goodies. No one in our group ordered that.

              For the chocoholics, our waiter was pushing the chocolate cream pie with assorted chocolate embellishments. My husband was quite happy with that selection, but I'm not sure a dark chocolate devotee would have been. The cream pie itself was diluted by a huge cloud of whipped cream topping. The embellishments used darker chocolate, but they were smaller than the main event.

              I noticed that the chef fixated a bit on some ingredients in his preparations. For example, garbanzo beans appeared whole as an accompaniment on an appetizer I was considering and as a puree in the tilefish entree I ordered. I asked for something green in place of the garbanzo puree, and the chef accommodated me. The tilefish came on a mound of lovely sauteed leafy green vegetable. Perhaps less original, but I was happy with the results.

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                We enjoyed it, but I wouldn't give it quite the glowing review as most others here. Our server was too absent, first off. I had the cavatelli, roasted chicken, and chocolate cream pie dessert (cavatelli was delicious, roasted chicken tasted pretty pedestrian as did the cream pie...uninspired, huge ball of whipped cream and tasted like every other chocolate cream pie from the grocery store). Should have tried that tilefish. BF had the crab soup, pork loin, and berry dessert thing. The pork was pretty delicious when eaten in a bite with the accompaniments on the plate, and was "ok" when eaten on its own. He liked his dessert, said the crab soup was good, but not phenomenal. I'm not sure if I would go back without the coupon (or, unless I wasn't paying), I just didn't feel that the prices matched what we got. We liked Equinox (both in terms of atmosphere, food, and service) better.

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                  Sorry you weren't impressed. And the service is one of the best things about dining there. I think perhaps by the time you ate they might have been exhausted (didn't you dine on the late side if i remember what you said?) Anyway that's no excuse.
                  i thought it was great as usual, but we were there at 6:30 and the service was still perky at that time. You might try it again after the coupon time. They do have a fixed priced menu every night, but it's limited selections.