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Sep 8, 2008 06:05 PM

Chocolate leaf cookies

I'm looking for a recipe for leaf cookies, dipped in chocolate, like the ones that are often kosher for Passover. The recipe doesn't have to be kosher for Passover (it's for an autumn-themed party), but it should be pareve. Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. Try the Home Cooking Board.

    1. Why would you need a specific recipe? I'd think that any recipe for rolled cookies would work when dunked in chocolate, as long as you have a leaf-shaped cookie cutter.

      1. Did you ever get a good reply? Although some bakeries use a basic rolled cookie recipe, it's not the real thing. The real cookie is not just a Xmas sugar cookie. I would love to get a real recipe.

        1. They are called Spritz cookies. Originally they are made with butter, but pareve margarine or Crisco (in Yiddish "Kriskoh") can be substituted. They are formed with a cookie press. An all metal cookie press will last forever. Check the templates to see if there is a leaf shape among them. You usually get a heart, diamond, wreath, butterfly, and a long ridged strip which can be cut into rectangles or diamonds. It's fun to quickly squeeze out a whole tray of cookies. There are recipes online for the stiff dough needed.

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            The Passover leaf cookies are nothing like Spritz cookies. The Passover ones are very, very thin, and definitely cut out after being rolled flat. They are probably no more than 1/16 inch thin. Spritz cookies are among my favorite, but they are not at all the same as what the OP was asking about.