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Sep 8, 2008 06:05 PM

Looking for a few game-y ingredients in Calgary....

Any suggestions for these?

pigeon (breasts)
partridge (breasts)

Apologies to any bird lovers out there :(

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  1. try these folks for pheasant and partridge

    1. Are you making a pargrousquatridge? Take pictures!

      1. T&T and lambda have whole frozen partridge, quail, cornish hen (and pigeon too, i think, but not sure), and duck.

        but yeah, if you are making pargrousquatridge, def. take pictures.

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        1. re: marcopolo

          Well I live in Canmore, home of the best Turducken around - but alas no, just a couple of British recipes I want to recreate - one being Game Pie.

          1. re: graemejw

            Canmore...seems to me that Val Bella Meats in Canmore (I think that is the name) carried all that and more. I recall their meat selection to be rather exotic. Did you try there? I know they tended more to the red meats, but when Iwas there (admittednly a couple of years ago0, they had a wonderful selection.

            1. re: graemejw

              We were in Canmore Sunday and picked up a Turducken at the Railway Deli - I'd think they'd be your best shot...but then you've probably already checked with them... Otherwise Second to None Meats lists Pheasant from Maple Hill at $26.65/kilo.

              Good Luck with your search - the link cdn provided looks promising.

              1. re: maplesugar

                How did your turducken turn out? My Christmas host is getting one from there and i'm just wondering if everything was to your satisfaction.

                1. re: blond_america

                  Loved the turducken! We followed the cooking directions they supplied, and it turned out perfectly. I'd recommend them 100% :)

          2. horizon meats might have them,and there is a meat shop at the crossroads that has gator,rattlesnake and rabbit so its a good bet they'll have birds as well,hope that helps