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Mexican Takeout in FiDi?

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Okay the Mexican food on the West Coast is best. San Diego can't be beat. That said, my beloved Burritoville just CLOSED. Their remaining location on Broad has all new people or lacks basic customer service skills. I was on hold forever. Finally hung up. Worse service then Adrienne's! Chipotle doesn't deliver. I can make a quesadilla and guacamole but sometimes I haven't planned ahead, am lazy and want my Mexican delivered. Tonight it's back to Taco House which leaves a lot to be desired on the food front (service is very good). What's a girl to do?

Where do you get your "to go" Mexican downtown?

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  1. which burritoville closed, the one behind stone st. (i think water st)? there's still that one on nassau st. maybe they deliver.

    I know it's not mexican, but i prefer reubens anyway. Although I don't know if they deliver either (i'm cheap and usually go and pick things up myself to avoid the 2 dollar tip i'd have to pay the delivery guy)

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      The Burrittoville on Nassau closed. There is still one on Water/Broad. Renguin, I used to live across the street from Reuben's. I don't think they deliver and I seem to recall they close early. By the way Taco House was pretty bad compared to Burrittoville. Meade's has a few okay Meixcan apps, I guess I could walk to Peck Slip and pick up . . . Maybe this is a sign I need to give up on Mexican food in NYC and plan a trip to San Diego for the real deal.

    2. mardi gras pizzeria serves surprisingly good mexican

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      1. re: chet steadman

        Thanks. I downloaded their menu and walked by to scope out the place.

      2. Southwest has decent Tex-Mex quesadillas, et al.

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        1. re: D...DF

          D...DF, do they deliver?

          1. re: financialdistrictresident

            Tajin is very good dont know where they are but they deliver in about three minutes.

            1. re: griller in the mist

              Tajin is on Greenwich between Edgar and Rector. I called and they don't deliver near the Seaport. Too bad because I liked their menu and prices.

            2. re: financialdistrictresident

              Southwest definitely delivers (and they are on seamlessweb). In fact, takeout is probably better than dine-in as their service is probably the worst I have experienced in Manhattan.

              1. re: kobetobiko

                I remember when Southwest was new and really good. Back when I worked in 1 WTC. I tried seamlessweb once and didn't like it. I found Executive Dining more user friendly. I'll give seamlessweb another try . . .

                1. re: financialdistrictresident

                  I tried Southwest delivery. Got three items (stuffed jalapenos, nachos and a quesadilla) and it was $39! It may be too far West for me, a little cold on arrival. I will try Mardi Gras next (and then give up or make my own).

                  1. re: financialdistrictresident

                    Good luck. Just be warned their menu is sparse. They started serving Mexican because people kept asking to eat what the workers there would make on their breaks. Tacos are tops in the district though, IMO.

              2. re: financialdistrictresident

                I've only been for lunch and had good service. And yep, quick delivery on Seamless.

            3. Hi FDR,

              This is probably not ideal, but there is Blockheads burrito in Winter Garden at WFC. They deliver.

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              1. re: kobetobiko

                Blockheads is pretty bad...

              2. The Bigger Place on Warren at West Bwy delivers to fidi i believe. Really good tex mex and they are on seamlessweb

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                1. re: downtownstefanie

                  Thanks everyone!

                  1. re: financialdistrictresident

                    Has anyone tried Mad Dog & Bean Mexican Cantina on Stone Street for delivery? They look a little pricey. PS Cow Girl (Tex Mex) will be coming soon to Front Street in the old Belle de Jour space . . .

                    1. re: financialdistrictresident

                      Tried Mad Dog & Bean for delivery last night. Guacamole was very good. Quesadilla poblano didn't travel well (and I'm close by). Pricey at $31. Will definitely try Mad Dog & Bean for lunch. Giving up on Mexican takeout again . . .

                      1. re: financialdistrictresident

                        Could Burritoville be back?


                        1. re: financialdistrictresident

                          More on Burritoville:


                        2. re: financialdistrictresident

                          Also love Mad Dog's grilled corn and chipotle mayo (even make this at home now). And it travels well . . .

                          1. re: financialdistrictresident

                            Thanks FiDi, would you consider it a place worth checking out? Thanks!


                          2. re: financialdistrictresident

                            Financialdistrictresident - can you comment on how Mad Dog & Bean compares to The Bigger Place? Thanks in advance. Would greatly appreciate if anyone could contribute to my thread here about the best delivery options down in FiDi/Battery Park: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7112...