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Sep 8, 2008 05:36 PM

Vancouver: 2 nights

Hi. Coming to Vancouver for 2 nights.

Would love to experience izakaya one night. Recommendations?

For next night, considering Vij, Boneta, Chambar (although I've been and would like to try something new), Lift or anything else you think is wonderful.

Thanks so much!!!!

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  1. For an authentic izakaya ambience - Guu with Garlic.... Hapa and Kingyo would be my other two recs...Kakurenbou is impressing people I trust - I have yet to dine there, so no first had rec from me yet.

    I suggest Boneta for the second night.

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      Kakurenbou was just okay for me, not blown away by any means. Interesting to see what they are doing in this space though.

    2. Vij is so good! I highly recommend it ... get the lamb. It is an "OMG" moment!

      1. I would recommend Boneta the second night.

          1. Hi there.

            What are you hoping for on night 2? Location (eg being on, or close to, the water)? Budget? Any type of food you're looking to steer clear of?

            I would try to avoid Lift if I were you. If you were heading there after work for a drink, that's one thing, but you may be disapointed if you make a night out of it. While the location is gorgeous, especially on a sunny afternoon (not much use to you) the food is really just OK, not great, and certainly not worth what they charge. Even the sushi wouldn't cut it next to some of the mid-level (and way less expensive) places in town. I would save your money and hit one of your other choices the next night.

            I've been there several times, generally with guests who have heard that it's good, and we are always disapointed.

            Not sure if it's up your alley, but there are some wonderful new-ish restos on Main Street, and it might be a different area for you to explore.