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Sep 8, 2008 05:31 PM

Lincoln Heights

I just moved to the Lincoln Heights neighborhood just north of downtown. Any suggestions as to where I should be eating? I like mexican and asian food and I am sure there are some great options for those cuisines but I am open to anything.


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  1. I'm linking to this list of Lincoln Heights restaurants because I'm disappointed no one has answered you...I don't really know many of them other than El Atacor, King Taco and Carnitas Michoacan. Can anyone help out on these or others on the list - El Huarachito? Boda? La Playita?

    I've also heard good things about A Taste of Brazil in El Sereno.

    Taste of Brazil Restaurant
    4840 Huntington Dr S, Los Angeles, CA

    1. La Playita is good for fish/shrimp tacos, shrimp and mixed cocktails.....their meats are so-so......
      Gloria's restaurant on Daly, just North of the 5-points intersection is a good Mexican place with really homemade tasting food. Llamarada at 5-points is good for burritos. Lanza Bros. Market on Main is good for deli-type sandwiches. Dino's on Daly and Main for burgers and orange-glo chicken special. Chapalita on Broadway next to the post office for tacos, burritos and the shrimp taco special. They also run a meat market next door for your bbq'ing asada needs. The meat market next door to King Taco is also good. Can't think of any good asian joints at the moment.
      But, you can be in Chinatown in 5 minutes.
      Go to Bob's Plush Room in the parking lot behind the bldg. on Broadway & Daly to experience a wacky assortment of locals.
      As Chowpatty mentioned, the Taste of Brazil place in El Sereno is good. El Sereno is right next to Lincoln Heights to the Northeast. Also, in El Sereno is El Taquito on Huntington Dr. & Portola.

      1. I am a huge fan of Carnitas Michaocan, which is on the N/W corner of North Broadway at 19th, with parking in the back. It is extremely casual, order at the outside window, pick up at the window inside, and there is covered patio picnic table-type seating. Their carne asada is good, their al pastor even better, carved from a rotisserie spit. Tacos are small, burritos are a better deal at about $5, and they also do special quesadillas and nachos topped with meat. But the real star is their salsa roja -- thin, brick-red brown, spicy, hot, complex, smoky -- fantastic. Carnitas Michaocan (this particular branch -- others I've tried have disappointed) was named the #1 in Bandini's last or next-to-last ranking in his "The Great Taco Hunt" blog.

        Some other quick suggestions: For sandwiches, Eastside Deli Market, to the side of Chinatown. Big wonderful sandwiches, particularly the hot ones with meatballs, sausage, pastrami, or beef. Not as wellknown as Philippe's but much more satisfying and a better value. Diner breakfast, Nick's, on the east side of North Spring east of Chinatown. Lots of law enforcement eat there, good salsa, and be sure to order something with ham -- their specialty, dense and tasty, definitely not the packaged stuff. For Chinese, damn the haters, I like Yang Chow. Also have enjoyed Chinese Friends.

        1. Thanks.
          I tired Michaocan. It's great and I live like a 5 minute walk away. Open 24 hours? I can walk there after drinking from home at 2:30 AM!?! Oh this could be a great and terrible thing.

          How do La Playita's fish tacos compare to the fish tacos at La Estrella near ave 59? My friend lives near there and those are my favorite I have found so far.

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            Forgot to mention Michoacan........good call......

            On the fish tacos........they are very similar, but I prefer the La Playita version.......try the shrimp tacos and cocktails too!

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              What did you have at Carnitas Michaocan? C'mon, tell those who haven't been what you liked.