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Sep 8, 2008 05:13 PM

Oaxacan Cultural Fair in Mexico City - great food!

There is a special Oaxacan cultural fair going on now through September 14th, 2008. There are several huge restaurants set up serving all the typical Oaxacan specialties as well as many small stands selling moles, cheeses, chiles etc. and crafts. It is located outside of a big mall, the "Plaza de las Estrellas", at the Circuito Interior and Av. Marina Nacional, not far from Polanco. You can reach it by metro (Normal) as well. Well worth it for the food. We ate there yesterday - all 7 of the famous moles were on the menu!

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  1. What did you have? And what are some of the more rarer dishes youve came across?

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      The fair is actually outside of the tacky mall, I don't think it has anything to do with it. I had finger-lickin' mole negro, smoky, only slightly sweet. We were offered a sample plate of all the moles - the amarillo was especially tasty. And the tlayudos con asiento, at the next table, looked fabulous. But how much can you eat at one sitting?

    2. Lets hope the music is better than the Plazas website jingle =)