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Sep 8, 2008 05:02 PM

Large Group Lunch Near Griffith Park?

Any recommendations for a weekday lunch place near Griffith Park for a group of about twenty-five? I was thinking of some of the Thai Town places, like Jitlada or Sanamluang Cafe, but I'm not sure how well they could accommodate a large group.

Everyone's an engineer, and there might be some hiking in the park after lunch, so a casual place would be best.

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  1. How about the "Clubhouse" at the Griffith Park Golf Course? They've made updated improvements to the facility and the food is decent. They've got an indoor meeting room or you can dine outside on their new patio deck.

    1. You could try Puran's on Hillhurst. I like their food and they usually are quiet enough at lunch, and have plenty of room for a large party. She cooks something she calls "cuisine naturelle" meaning it is pretty healthy, but also good tasting.

      1. Victor's Square at Bronson and Franklin? Decent deli food, good cobb salad, some homemade soups, can accommodate a group, and its a short drive up to the top of the street which ends in a parking lot in Griffith Park a few minutes walk from the Bronson Caves. The caves (manmade) will be recognizable as the entrance to the Batcave and a familiar setting from a host of old movies and TV shows. One advantage to this plan is that you won't lose anyone on the drive from point a to point b.

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          Second the golf clubhouse reco. Suggest call ahead, there is a dedicated room for larger gatherings. Food definitely casual, but good. Nice golf course ambiance. Say hi to servers Robbie Lee and Rosie. Built in 1934 by WPA after a fire razed the original!

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            I third that recommendation. Rose is great!!

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            I love Victor's Square, but parking there can be a problem. I've never been to the Bronson Caves ... could they park there and walk to Franklin Ave. and back?