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Sep 8, 2008 04:40 PM

Travel distance to Alinea?

Hi all,

I’m visiting Chicago (from Calgary Alberta) for the first time in two weeks time and I’ve arranged a dinner at Alinea. I’m trying to figure out locations and travel times to arrange a babysitter on that night. We’re staying at 407 West Eugenie (Closest major intersection is North Avenue and Sedgwick Street.) The restaurant is at 1723 North Halsted. It seems to me (looking at mapquest) that it will only take a few minutes of travel time. Am I reading things correctly?

Thanks. It seems silly but I don't want anything to go wrong.

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  1. You are VERY close to Alinea. If the weather is nice, I suggest walking west on North Avenue (North Ave is 1600 North) to Halsted, then north on Halsted to Alinea. The walk is probably 5-10 minutes. If you catch a cab (North Ave again), it *may* take just as long. North Avenue can get quite conjested. But, if you do choose the cab route, it will be about $5-$7....please note that cabs now tack on a $1 fuel charge per person.

    Come to think of it, you could also walk up north on Sedgwick to Armitage, then walk (or cab) it west to Halsted. You will pass by a lot of cute shops (and also DePaul bars). Once at Halsted, head back down south 2 blocks (not sure of side streets between North and Armitage that go through all the way west to Halsted, hopefully someone else here will know?).

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      Certainly walkable. You should know that meals there sometimes take a very, very long time. My girlfriend and I had a 4.5 hour tour there last year. It was absolutely amazing, but you should expect at the very least least 3 hours for the tour and probably 2 for the tasting.

      1. re: NinaS

        If you are walking there, I would take Euginie west until it ends at Larabee, take a right then take a left in about 1/2 block at Willow (3 way stop, stay on south side of street). Alinea is just a few doors south from the intersection of Willow and Halsted. Its a little bit nicer walk than North Ave. and slightly less distance. If driving you would want to take North Ave. and turn north on Halsted, that will put you on the right side of the street for the valet.

      2. Definitely walk. Depending upon what day of the week and the time, it could take forever to find a cab to get there. If you want a cab going back, ask the restaurant to call but be forwarned, the cab driver will NOT like a fare for just a few blocks. (I speak as an expert having driven a cab in Chicago in a past life.)

        Enjoy yourself. Alinea is amazing and Grant Achatz is spectacular. My first experience with him was at Trio in Evanston.