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Sep 8, 2008 04:28 PM

Marinade for a ribeye steak?

Hi All,

I typically cook steaks simply, just with salt and pepper on a grill or in a cast iron pan. Yesterday, I bought some ribeye steaks from Trader Joe's, and cooked one last night and well, its flavor was a little disappointing using the above method -- just sort of plain-tasting without much flavor (I'm guessing it's because on the rare occasions when I cook steaks at home, in the past I've splurged and bought prime NY strip steak which needs no help in the flavor department). I want to cook the other one tonight, and was wondering if anyone has any good tips for quick steak marinades or other seasonings? I have on hand most herbs, EVOO, butter, onions, garlic and other kitchen basics (such as soy sauce, vinegar, etc.)



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  1. do you like philly cheesesteaks? just throw it in the freezer for an hour or so - you can slice with a knife as thin as you can - saute some sliced onion with salt, pepper, and a little dried oregano and chili powder - add the meat at a high heat and serve on a soft toasted roll with your favorite melted cheese -

    1. Wow, usually the ribeye, has a lot of flavor with a nice fat ratio. That's too bad, its the only steak I usually buy and prepare it either on the bbq or cast iron pan same as you.
      You could make a little sauce out of scallions, about half a stick or so of butter, and about 1/3 cup of Lea & Perrins Worschestershire sauce, add to that some mushrooms, salt and pepper and top the steak. I got that from a restaurant years ago and every now and then use it, just because. (my dh loves it).

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        I'm with you chicklet, I always order rib eye and cook ribeye because the flavor is superior to me. I don't usually do much to it. I have read the many do a nice dry herbed rub before grilling or pan frying.

        1. re: chef chicklet

          This is a universal answer to several of your comments. The ribeye was organic, but not sure if it was grass-fed (it didn't specify so, so I'm guessing not). It was also sliced thinish (less than an inch thick, so had to cook it quickly/carefully so as to not overcook). The flavor issue could have been because the steak was not prime (maybe I'm spoiled with the steaks I've bought in the past, but I am now on a budget). I actually bought the ribeye, because I remembered that people on here typically like the cut and think it flavorful. Don't really know what was wrong with it, other than it just didn't taste *great* on its own . . . anyhow, I ended up sauteeing some onions in butter, then adding the steak that had been salted, peppered, and dribbled with Lea & Perrins, and it ended up being fine. Not the best steak I've eaten, but quite tasty for a weeknight dinner. Thanks for the feedback!

          1. re: DanaB

            I have not had organic meat in years, and not grass fed either. I actually have never purchased meat at Trader Joes, except lamb chops and tri tip.
            A few weeks ago, I too purchased a thinner ribeye, and I gotta agree now remembering, I was sort of left unsatisfied. Probably because the thickness didn't leave enough room for my lovely med rare/leaning to rare way of eating steak. I find the costco ribeyes in my area to be the best, and they only sell prime or so I was told. If you're on a budget like me, you can always slice it horizontally or better yet in half so you still have a thicker steak ( we do that anyway), and have the other half another day.

        2. Was it grass-fed? I've read recently that grass-fed beef should not be seared the same way as grain-fed, that it should be cooked at a lower heat. I read that after using my time-tested method on a grass-fed NY steak of searing at high heat. The taste was considerably less than I am used to so I suspect it may be due to being from a grass-fed cow.

          1. I like my ribeye like you, very simple; salt, pepper, and if it needs a kick for any reason.. a drizzle of really, really good aged balsamic vinegar.

            1. I tend to buy Top Round, but I make a marinade that seems to work:

              1 cup prepared BBQ sauce ( I use Kraft's original or Spicey Honey)
              3 TBS Honey
              3 TBS Soy sauce
              1 TBS Vinegar
              1/2 cup Marsala wine (you can find it in the condiment section of most markets), or same of real red wine
              1 TBS minced garlic
              Dash of Hot sauce to taste (optional)
              a buddy of mine also adds a tsp or so of Liquid Smoke that it is nice

              I take the steak and play Lizzie Borden on both sides with a fork - give it at least 40 whacks!

              Let it sit in the marinade for at least 4 hours and turn regularly.

              I heat my gas grill to way hot, shut off the middle burner and then cook 7 minutes a side, adding some of the leftover marinade on each side.

              Sliced on a diagonal. It comes out rare to medium rare and seems to get rave reviews!

              I'd almost guarantee it, but then you'd have to come to Philly and see - and taste!<G>.