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Sep 8, 2008 04:19 PM

Nice restaurant with good wine list

I am looking to get a gift certificate for a close friend for a "significant" birthday. It would be for 2 people and I would like to spend about $200-250. She eats fish, but no poultry or red meat and I think he will eat just about anything. They are somewhat adventuresome, but mostly, just appreciate good food. I think they're open to most cuisines. A good and interesting wine list, that will fit within the budget, is a must. They live in JP and have a car, but something within the Boston/Cambridge area is necessary as they have a toddler. Oh, and it must be a place that takes reservations. I'm in NYC, so it would have to be a place I can get the g.c. over the phone or through their website. Thanks for all your suggestions!

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  1. I would look into Troquet, known for its great wine list and pairings.

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      Thanks. It looks lovely. I haven't spent time in Boston in a while so I'm pretty out of touch. I'd love to hear about more restaurants. Thanks!

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        Some other suggestions (search board for typical reviews):

        Oleana - very creative chef, good matching wine list

        Ten Tables - precise, better than home style cuisine, short but good wine list. Note that this is in JP, so they may have been there.

        Mama Maria - haven't seen this mentioned much, but very good sort-of -Italian food in a romantic atmosphere. Excellent (well, good) prices on an Italian oriented wine list.

        Sel de la Terre - solid cuisine, relaxed but cool atmosphere, good matching wines.

        O Ya - arguably one of Boston's best. Depending on how hungry you are, it may or may not fit the budget - and probably booked till January. Decent wine list, but the attraction is the boutique sake.

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