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Sep 8, 2008 04:06 PM

Gelato in Fresno?

Does anyone have any recommendations or reviews for gelato in Fresno or surrounding areas? Thanks.

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  1. Hmmm...good question. Technically, no actual "gelato" that I can think of.

    There is a new ice cream shop located in Fresno's Tower District called Scoops. They serve ice cream that is made from The Superior Dairy in Hanford. Really great ice cream - but, alas, no gelato...

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        Thank you all so much for the information about La Reina de Michoacan. I can't wait to get over there, especially after PolarBear's description of the strawberry treat. I feel the same way about strawberries but Fresno has the best I've tasted. At the vineyard farmer's market I got some insane strawberries and then bought cream from the vendor who sold whole milk products. This was a lethal combination. Given the climate in Fresno, it's a wonder Mr. Alvarez can make the stuff fast enough! Now I'm sorry I have to come all the way from Lemoore. What a terrific thread. I can wait til I get home for gelato.

        1. re: P Macias

          PB's suggestion to try La Reina is a good one.

          Glazebrookgirl & I tried a gelato spot up in north Fresno a few months ago. We found it because we were looking for frozen yogurt (something besides the ubiquitous TCBY). This place has both. Can't remember the name but it was in the Washington Square shopping center on the southeast corner of the intersection at Champlain & Perrin. We thought it was pretty good but we haven't been back since so it must not have been stellar.

          I suspect that's the way you'll find gelato in Fresno: some frozen yogurt shop or some other place that sells dessert items will have a gelato case with a few flavors.

          La Reina, on the other hand: yummy & it'll be someplace a little out of the ordinary.

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            (My kids love it.) Is between Campagnia and Bobby Salazar's.

      2. I know that Piazza Del Pane on the corner of Palm & Herndon has gelato. I have never tried it but if you are looking for just gelato they may be worth a stop.

        Piazza Del Pane
        799 W Palmdon Dr, Fresno, CA 93704

        1. Tuttimelon at the Fashion Fair has gelato. It's outdoors next to Cheesecake Factory.

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            Wow the original post is over two years old! We love the Gelato at Piazza Del Pane, there are two locations in Fresno. :)

            Piazza Del Pane
            799 W Palmdon Dr, Fresno, CA 93704

            1. re: mfontanilla

              Yes!! I love Tuttimelon's frozen yogurt & gelato! The hardest part is choosing, they have 24 flavors of gelato/sorbetto and 10 flavors of yogurt... YUM!!!