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best italian pork sausages in toronto?

Anyone know, especially with fennell.

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  1. I've tried from many sources, including St. Lawrence Market, both Loblaws and Dominion meat counters and still go back to my tried and true: Cheese Boutique.
    The mild is expecially great from the fennel seasoning aspect.

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      I had the spicy and agree they were great. Not cheap but worth the money for a treat. You'd want to feature these. Not hide them.
      My everyday Italian is from Costco. The spicy is fantastic and not expensive. Perfect when you put them in a sauce or lasagna or something like that.


    2. I'm sure there are plenty of good ones, but the ones I really enjoy are from Jerry's Supermarket on Danforth between Greenwood and Coxwell. You can actually see chunks of meat in them, rather than ground up stuff.

      1. This is something that I have been searching for ever since Porco Bros closed on College. The best I have found is at Longo's, they have both a sweet fennel and a hot fennel. But what I liked about Porco's sausage is that they hang it to dry longer then any others which resulted in a much firmer sausage. I have yet to find another quite like it

        1. The Italian sausage at Fresh From the Farm is amazing. It's very lean, very meaty and firm. The seasonings are mild, but the overall flavour is great -- very porky.

          1. Vincenzo's supermarket on Danforth between main and woodbine, north side of of the street, has good medium heat sausage. That is one I use for spagetti.

            Pasquale Brothers in Etobicoke (there are a few threads mentioning this store) have mild and HOT.

            Both do sell out of sausage at times.

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              Pasquale Brothers has for decades made absolutely excellent Italian Sausage. I have been a fan and buyer from since they were on King Street near Church.

              1. Bruno's Fine Foods makes their own sausages in each store and they are usually very goods (Bruno's has various locations).

                1. I like the fresh sausages at both Vince Gasparro's (south side of Bloor, a couple of blocks east of Ossington) and Fiesta Farms on Christie just north of the Pits (and I mean their in-house product not the Rowe Farms sausages they carry).

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                    I was a judge at a little competition earlier this year...

                    And Angelo Bean's sausages were simply outstanding... and are available to the public.

                    Great article about the event here:



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                      the BEST sausages in Toronto without a doubt are at Baby Beef (St Clair west of Caladonia) I have served them for a number of occasions and I am always asked "Where did you get those sausages"...and thier beef ribs are amazing...a slow cook on the barby and the only thing they need is some sea salt....no sauce required...

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                        Good to know, they're a 10-15 minute walk from my place. Thanks for the heads-up.

                  2. I had pretty good Italian saugages at DiLisi ( I think thats the name of the butcher at St Lawrence Market....at the South end near all the Fish mongers )

                    Another great place is at St.Jacobs Waterloo/Kitchener - Gerber Meats...drug free meats...very tasty and not expensive.

                    The posts below sound interesting.

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                      Out east, but Alan's Butcher Shop in Whitby makes great sausages. 108 Athol St., 2 blocks east of Brock St. and half a block south of Dundas St. (highway 2). http://foodpages.ca/Alans?showmap=1&a... Not just the regular varieties, but cheddar and spring onion, chicken chardonnay, lamb with rosemary, apple, and a few others. They were written up in the LCBO Food and Drink magazine a couple of years ago. I go there several times a year and freeze them for later use. Very good.

                    2. My favourite sausages by far are the ones from Gaucho at the St. Lawrence Market (Saturday north market). They make a nice sweet Italian with fennel. Also, their spicy has a nice level of heat. They have a huge variety of all kinds of sausage and I haven't had one that I didn't like.

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                        true enough...they have a nice selection....lamb...pork...spicy....never a disappiontment but get there before 1pm if you want a choice...

                      2. I think the mild ones available at Lady York Foods are really tasty.