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What is your favorite meal from a chain?

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must be one chain, the lower scale the better. mine: sausage egg and cheese or bacon egg and cheese mcmuffin with hash browns and their iced coffee drinks. we had that on the way to the beach and it really hit the spot.

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  1. Can I post a few meals from chains?

    Biscuits and honey from KFC or Popeye's

    Large fries dipped in a vanilla shake from M D's (haven't had in sooooo long, years, in fact)

    ooey gooey taco salad from taco smell-the one in the fried shell-with extra goo on top

    Chili dog, fries and a slurpee from 7-11

    Animal Style double double, crispy fries and a drink from In N Out.

    All of these I have not had in over 5 years, since I got all healthier and in shape. Now when I splurge, calorie wise, I eat at non-chain places!

    1. Biscuits and gravy from Hardees ( with a side of hash rounds)

      1. Filet o' Fish and fries from you-know-where.

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          Filet o Fish and a Shamrock Shake...I wait for Lent! It is so not a sacrifice...

          1. re: Cathy

            Nice! Forgot about the shamrock shakes. FOF was definitely Lenten food growing up. Real sacrifice we made, scarfing up McDonald's every Friday!

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              There are a few Franchised stores out here (San DIego) that do $1.29 FOF Fridays year round...

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            OH my gosh I would kill for a fish filet (although I haven't had one in years). Also love chicken biscuit and fries from Bojangles', bean burritos with hot sauce from Taco Bell, Fuji Apple Salad from Panera.

          3. 2 piece dark meat spicy w/ red beans & rice from Popeyes with a lemonade

            1. Classic Chick-Fil-A on a whole wheat bun, waffle fries & lemonade! Yum!

              1. Grossly bad for you, but a big marshmallowy creme donut from Krispy Kreme and a big cup of decaf.

                The Rooty Tooty Fresh an Fruity is fun to order from Denny's, especially if you can do it in Sean Connery's voice.

                Bisque and that crack cheese bread basket from Red Lobster.

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                  Almost snorted my coffee when my [then] boyfriend's father ordered the "Moons Over my Hammy" at Denny's a few years ago. You think they make up menu items like that just so people have to say them out loud?

                  1. re: Diana

                    Isn't Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity served at IHOP and not Debby's?

                  2. I guess this isnt really low scale, but I LOVE:

                    Big Bowl's crispy lemon chicken with hibiscus iced tea and either chicken satay or cold sesame noodles for an appetizer. My ideal meal.

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                      We don't get Big Bowl in Los Angeles. The only "bowl" we have is Yoshinoya.

                      I used to dig the chicken beef combo bowl.

                    2. 1 - 6-pack of Slyders from White Castle
                      2 - Double Cheese Whopper no Onions
                      3 - Porterhouse from Capital Grille
                      4 - Lipitor from CVS

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                      1. re: jfood

                        You only eat six? Come on! I live in Phoenix and we don't have White Castles, but I'm headed to NJ on Thursday and I'll be stopping at White Castles on the way back from the Newark Airport for a 10 pack. (with cheese, no catsup)

                      2. Chalupa from TB -- ordered one in a "real" restaurant, cost 10 times more, not nearly half as good as TB's!

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                        1. I LOVE Arby's turkey bacon ranch wrap with a jamocha shake.

                          1. Fried chicken w/ red beans and rice from Popeye's.

                            1. Regular cheese burger with tomato, onion, lettuce, and ketcup and an order of fries from Five Guy's. If I ate them as much as I actually wanted to I would probably weigh about 600 lbs.

                              1. a cajun chicken biscuit, side of dirty rice & a sweet tea w/ lemon from bojangles.

                                i'm in baltimore now, and i break my fast food fast whenever i go home to NC...

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                                  Carnitas burrito with pinto beans, salsa, cheese and rice from Chipolte. Oh Ya!

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                                    I miss Church's and Bojangles here in Maryland; Popeye's is OK or not OK depending on whether the chicken is just out of the fryer.

                                    Have you ever tried any of these fried chicken carryouts in parts of the city (Baltimore) where you wouldn't exactly feel safe venturing forth most of the time, especially at night?

                                    1. re: jkosnett

                                      they have those in NY, not as good as Popeye's. places like "kennedy fried chicken"

                                  2. The new Egg Florentine sandwich from Starbucks. It is dangerously delicious! I have to keep myself in check when I order my Chai each morning or I would gain way too much.

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                                    1. re: grouper

                                      Okay I will fess up to a couple;
                                      Cabo Loco tacos at Islands (Salty shredded pork with cilantro sauce and chopped onions)
                                      Egg Rolls at Jack In The Box (takes all I have not to bite into them when they are way too hot to eat. I skip the sweet and sour and get buttermilk dressing...oh my the shame)
                                      Arby's Beef & Cheddar with Horsy Sauce (Tangy Arby's Sauce, creamy cheesy goo, slighty spicy Horsy Sauce and meat you don't really even have to chew...all on an onion roll, what's not to love?!)

                                      1. re: bubbles4me

                                        Back in the day when I weighed all of 120 lbs, I used to order 12 hard-shelled ground beef tacos, a nachos bell grande, and a Paul Bunyon (this is what they called it at the time, I think it was 32 ounces) sized Dr. Pepper...oh man was that heaven!! Oh please, you know the name of the chain!

                                    2. Red beans and rice with chicken at Popeye's
                                      Red beans and rice from Popeye's
                                      Jumbo Jack at Jack in the Box
                                      Neither of these have places anywhere near me.
                                      I love those red beans and rice!
                                      Closest I can come is from a box of Zatarain's

                                      1. the Garlic Herb Chicken con Broccoli from Olive Garden. with a frozen tiramisu (the alcoholic drink) to wash it down :)

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                                        1. re: massgirl

                                          Cracker Barrel is my go-to

                                          For breakfast I get the Uncle Herschel's

                                          For other meals I get the Roast Beef (pot roast) dinner

                                        2. My fav chain is el pollo loco and their chicken meals are to die for...unfortunately we don't have them in Seattle, so I have to wait until I travel to Vegas or Cali. :) YUM.

                                          Second favorite is OSF - I get the potpourri (clam, meat, mushroom and mizithra cheese sauces), salad with blue cheese dressing on the side (extra for dipping the bread into) and spumoni. YUM.

                                          Also love the Baconator from Wendy's, and original chicken thighs from KFC.

                                          1. Everytime I go on a road trip, I must eat at McDonald's, breakfast & lunch. I get the sausage egg mcmuffin combo in the morning and quarter pounder with cheese combo for lunch. I started wanting them the minute I get in the car.

                                            A meal I miss, because we don't have On The Border in Austin, is something I affectionately call "skillet o' cheese", which used to be the Queso Fundido de Pollo appetizer until they changed the name to Fajita Chicken Con Queso. But, I still ask for the "Fundido" because it's "FUN". It's an app, but I get it as my main. It's melty cheese in a cast iron skillet with chunks of tasty marinated chicken. They bring you some warm flour tortillas to spoon it into. Yum!

                                            I also honestly love Fuddruckers. I get the 1/2 lb Three Cheese Burger and have them add Bacon. I seem to only make it there about once a year, because hubby's not crazy about it. That makes me sad.

                                            In pondering this topic, I realized that I eat at far fewer chains than I used to, and the ones I do eat at now seem to be more local chains than national. This shift ties closely to a couple of factors, one being that I'm no longer working, which necessitated quick lunches, often in a drive-thru when I was in a rush. And, I'm no longer single, meaning I have someone to eat out with, so we do less fast food and less take-out.

                                            Oh, but about once a month or so, we order Pizza Hut's Pepperoni Lovers Hand-Tossed. That comment's not gonna get me a lot of love on this board, is it? I ask with great trepidation.