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Sep 8, 2008 03:35 PM

What is your favorite meal from a chain?

must be one chain, the lower scale the better. mine: sausage egg and cheese or bacon egg and cheese mcmuffin with hash browns and their iced coffee drinks. we had that on the way to the beach and it really hit the spot.

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  1. Can I post a few meals from chains?

    Biscuits and honey from KFC or Popeye's

    Large fries dipped in a vanilla shake from M D's (haven't had in sooooo long, years, in fact)

    ooey gooey taco salad from taco smell-the one in the fried shell-with extra goo on top

    Chili dog, fries and a slurpee from 7-11

    Animal Style double double, crispy fries and a drink from In N Out.

    All of these I have not had in over 5 years, since I got all healthier and in shape. Now when I splurge, calorie wise, I eat at non-chain places!

    1. Biscuits and gravy from Hardees ( with a side of hash rounds)

      1. Filet o' Fish and fries from you-know-where.

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          Filet o Fish and a Shamrock Shake...I wait for Lent! It is so not a sacrifice...

          1. re: Cathy

            Nice! Forgot about the shamrock shakes. FOF was definitely Lenten food growing up. Real sacrifice we made, scarfing up McDonald's every Friday!

            1. re: southernitalian

              There are a few Franchised stores out here (San DIego) that do $1.29 FOF Fridays year round...

          2. re: southernitalian

            OH my gosh I would kill for a fish filet (although I haven't had one in years). Also love chicken biscuit and fries from Bojangles', bean burritos with hot sauce from Taco Bell, Fuji Apple Salad from Panera.

          3. 2 piece dark meat spicy w/ red beans & rice from Popeyes with a lemonade

            1. Classic Chick-Fil-A on a whole wheat bun, waffle fries & lemonade! Yum!