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Sep 8, 2008 03:32 PM

Any exceptional Montreal South shore restaurants?

I was wondering if any of you know of any good/not too expensive restaurants on the South Shore? We are always stranded for ideas when wanting to dine outside closer to (our) home.
Any suggestions as to something better than average would be very welcome.

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    1. re: zekesgallery

      Thank you! I skimmed through the threads, it basically says what I already knew.. too bad that we cannot seem to have some exceptional (more ethnic) restaurants on the South Shore.
      However, I have heard a lot of great comments about Miss Italia on Victoria (St. Lambert), will definetely give that a try. I also enjoy Michel&angelo on Taschereau and Pinocchio on St-Charles a lot... both are Italian.
      I was looking for something a bit more exotic though...

    2. Am hardly an expert on the South Shore but it's not a total wasteland.

      New Jing Hua in Brossard is one of the greater Montreal area's better dim sum palaces. Have also heard that their non dim sum dishes are good.

      Though it may be pricier than you'd like, Bazz Java Jazz in St-Lambert is easily the equal of centre city BYOBs like Les Infidèles, Pégase and L'Entrepont. While their website -- -- is every bit as obnoxious as their name, the decor, ambiance and service are considerably more subdued.

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      1. re: carswell

        I take it they are not a coffee bar or a music venue.

        So they have neither java nor jazz, just... Bazz?

        1. re: SnackHappy

          Well, IIRC, they have an espresso machine and there may be some lite jazz on the piped-in "muzak de table." But in the end, yeah, mainly just bazz.

        2. re: carswell

          You might wish to reconsider the recommendation of Jing Hua...

          Filthy place with truly awful food. I will not go into too many details but trust me on this one. I have dined in a lot of Dim Sum places over different parts of our planet, and have yet to experience anything quite as scary as Jing Hua.

          1. re: fedelst1

            Thanks, but I'll go by my own experience and that of several other hounds and lurker hounds I know and trust, experience based on multiple visits. I'd also encourage readers to seek out the many positive comments about the establishment on this board (examples linked to below). You and members of your party appear to be the only ones complaining.


            1. re: fedelst1

              Fedelst1, if I read your previous posts correctly, it seems you have eaten at Jing Hua once. I have returned for dim sum on many occasions. I have never found it as horrible as you did on your one visit. In fact, I have quite enjoyed the food there, hence my multiple return visits when I live nowhere near the South Shore.

              I could understand it if you felt it was not to your taste, or not up to your exacting standards. But "Filthy place with truly awful food" seems a bit extreme. I have perhaps not dined at as many dim sum places as you have, but I think I can safely say I've had my share. I've also dined at many places far more dubious than Jing Hua. I have to say that I truly cannot understand your extreme bias against this restaurant based on a single visit.

              And yes, I read your original report on your visit.

              "I have dined in a lot of Dim Sum places over different parts of our planet, and have yet to experience anything quite as scary as Jing Hua."

              By the way, if Jing Hua is the scariest looking place you've ever eaten at, you've missed out on a lot of really great food.

            2. re: carswell

              I just ate at jing hua this week for dim sum and quite enjoyed it :)

            3. Hello, over course there are excellent restaurants on the south shore. L'Interlude on St-Charles street in old Longueuil is an excellent one as well as Au comme par hazard, also found on the same street in Longueuil just a few doors up. There are many fine restaurants on the shore. L'Académie in Brossard which is attached to the Champlain Mall. Hope this helps!

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              1. re: coolchef

                I second Comme par Hasard. Delicious food and the owners are really passionate.

              2. Angkoria is a Cambodian/Thai restaurant at the corner of Rome Boulevard and Stravinski (next to the Tim Hortons). It's amazingly good food for a good price. Well worth the trip to the south shore. Bring your own wine.

                This is the address from Google:
                1155, boul. Rome (corner Marie-Victorin)
                Brossard, QC, J4W 3J1
                (450) 465-3553

                1. I was actually going to be asking a similar question... Is Dix30 really the culinary wasteland it seems to be? Anything decent in there at all??