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Sep 8, 2008 03:26 PM

Thick-Skinned Egg Rolls - Now 'till 09/28

I mentioned this in a Fair-related topic, but thought I'd post a heads-up for the many hounds who longingly seek to find the elusive thick-skinned egg rolls they remember from childhood out here, or from the east coast. As always, they are available at the L.A. County Fair, at the incongruously-named "Seafood and Thai" vendors, which are neither particularly Thai nor Seafood. They have tasty meat cooked on a skewer with teriyaki-ish sauce (beef or pork), served in combo plate form with fried rice & chow mein, similar to Panda Express.

But they also have thick-skinned egg rolls, served with or without sweet & sour sauce. They're not the greatest in the world (I haven't really noticed if they even have meat in them; certainly no red-tinged pork), but the skin is just right, and the flavor isn't wrong. Maybe a tad bland, but not wrong (unlike the wrongly-flavored ones sold at Panda Express or frozen at Trader Joe's - they look right but taste so wrong).

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  1. Thanks Jack Flash...I look forward to Mr. Taster's reivew!

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      Funny, I just returned from NYC where I had a thoroughly bland (though properly thick, crispy-yet-chewy bubbly-skinned) eggroll from a random divey Chinese place in Fort Greene, Brooklyn... ($1.10 each) my wife and I explained to the owner (in Mandarin) that these eggrolls are difficult if not impossible to find in LA and the guy and the guy was utterly dumbfounded. (They're not supposed to be bland-- the greatest ones have a really wonderful flavor and interesting, contrasting texture to them)

      We missed the OC Fair, so perhaps we'll get out there to check this one out. Thanks for the heads up, Jack Flash!

      Mr Taster

    2. And this is why the fair is 'Hound Heaven for Happy Eating!

      I don't think one COULD tell if there was meat, or if so what kind it was, in a NY egg roll.

      1. I uswd to work at a restaurant in Mamoth, 1979, they had these very egg rolls from Chung King. We ran out once and figured we could whip some up, people complained for days how bad ours were, as soon as the Nifta guy showed up with our order we were very happy.