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Best Chicken Parmesean in NYC?

I don't mean the sandwich, I mean the dinner itself. I can't stop thinking about it today and I must, must have it. Anyone have any good spots where they have had this dish?

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  1. god i'm curious too, great question.

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      Lamarca on 22nd and 3rd

      Fresh Basil in Midtown

      are both good

    2. Patsy's (not the pizzeria) or the Palm YuM!

      1. Edgie, there is only ONE place in Manhattan for a great whomping portion of chicken parm, garlicky, cheesy and tomatoey without being at all sloppy - and that is Carmine's. either location (though the UWS is more family and the take-out nextdoor superb). Try it and you will agree.

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          I completely (respectfully) disagree, everytime i get Carmine's (UWS location) chicken parm it's always tough and leathery with no redeeming qualities.

        2. Elio's. Outstanding chicken parm. 2nd Ave btw 84th and 85th.

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            agreed. and don't flame me here, but I like Carmines chick parm as well

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              I'm a diehard chicken parm guy...so say what you want about the place but the best chicken parm in NYC is aa Il Mulino ...Carmines, Lol, that's a good one...Patsy's on 56th makes a nice one as well...

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                this gives me another reason to go back to il mulino.. feels like years since i've been to this old school italian mecca!

          2. Coppola's on Third Avenue (27/28) and W. 79th (Browadway/Columbus)

            1. I second Elio's. The best I've had. Not on the menu but they'll make it on request. They do veal too. This dish will cost you almost $30 there so be prepared. But the portion is very large.

              1. Chicken Parm with spaghetti is my comfort food - the best in the entire city of New York is at ARTURO'S on Houston St. The Best! hands down!

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                    Wish I could concur. My experience is everything besides pizza is pretty dismal at Arturo's. Love the space, love the staff, though.

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                      I just re-read my earlier post and want to clarify...Unless you are starving to death DO NOT eat at Carmines....

                    2. i dont get everyones love of arturos. i lived a block away from them for 4 years and ive been their 3 times. the worst pizza i ever ate and the food wasnt all that. the smell that comes out of the kitchen is alot better than the shit they serve up

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                        agreed. they always burn the bottom of the pizza

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                          If you're averse to burnt pizza, stick to Ray's.

                          I had a great chicken parm at Cafe des Artistes.

                      2. patsy's on 58th street, a retro dish in a retro restaurant, and it is damn good.

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                          I don't understand the knock on Carmines, referring specifically to the location in the Theater District. Always have great Chicken Parm there.

                        2. I've had great chicken parm at Carmine's on Beekman Street in Lower Manhattan near the South Street Seaport. Not connected at all with the CARMINE'S near Times Sq. This portion is not as huge, but lots of flavor and great sauce.

                          For me, the best I've ever had is at Fiorentino's on Avenue U in the Gravesend section of Brooklyn. I did a write-up with some pics. Here is the link:


                          Wicked sauce, lots of fresh mootz and they let it get all brown and bubbly and the chicken is very tender!

                          1. Becco makes a mean chicken parm

                            1. Il Mulino's is so good. They pound it so that it is thin and it's the size of the whole plate.