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Sep 8, 2008 02:22 PM

Working in Dearborn this week, dining recs?


I am working in Dearborn this week on business. We are staying in Southfield. We do have a car. Any recommendations? Money is no object(i.e. expense account).


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  1. The Beverly Hills Grill on Southfield Rd, north of 13 mile. You'll love it! They don't take reservations. I can't suggest anywhere in Dearborn, but I'm sure you'll hear from others.

    1. Wow...great central location, Southfield. I'd highly recommend Diamond Jim Brady's Bistro ( in Novi, near the intersection of Grand River and Novi Road, right off the Novi Road exit. Very, very good food...not to be missed. Not stratospherically priced, either, but not cheap.

      Any particular food preferences?

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      1. re: boagman

        Dearborn is one of the best places in the US to get Middle Eastern food.

        I have a new personal favorite...

        I recommend it very much...

        I am very fond of the combo plate for three... are all the guest I treat to it...

        That or the Lunch for two....

      2. Expense account and a car? Head into Detroit and check out Iridescence or Sea Blue.

        Seldom Blues is another interesting spot with amazing upscale soulfood and great live jazz.

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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            Yes, many high-ticket places are in Detroit--hit the Whitney for a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

          2. If expense is truly not an issue, then try the Lark (north and west of Southfield) or Tribute (west of Southfield):