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Sep 8, 2008 02:14 PM

Good Mexican restaurant neighborhoods (Vegas)

The last time I was in Vegas, I noticed a lot of Mexican restaurants & supermarkets scattered in different parts of town. Would it be logical to assume that these neighborhoods will have at least a few outstanding locals' places to eat & buy ingredients? If so, what are your favorites?

These are the places where I was. Can you help refine the areas where I should scout next time?

Rancho Road near Washington

North Las Vegas Blvd south of Nellis AFB for several miles

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  1. Try los antojos on eastern and sahara.
    Will rick bayless ever come and save us???
    I'll b the 1st one to apply>>

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      Thanks ChrisG. Hoping to hear more recs from the locals.

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        Sahara and Valley View. There is a Mariana's (supermarket) on the south side of Sahara, just east of Valley View, which is a fun place to shop and eat. On the northwest corner of that intersection, in the Food 4 Less strip center, there is a small (can't remember the name) Mexican place with "taco truck" selections, all very good (you order at the counter). A Roberto's-type place, but quite a bit better.

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          Thanks to a tip on this board I've been going to a restaurant called La Mexicana at the corner of Decatur and Twain. It's a small place but the food is excellent and very reasonably priced. I usually get 3 different tacos, a good sized bowl of fantastic chips and salsa and a drink, and it comes in under $6 for everything. It's usually filled with Mexicans so I take that as a good sign as well, lol.

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            I believe that the taco joint on the NW corner is called "Tacos Mexico". Big "thumbs-up" & 2nd on your Mariana's Market recommendation as well.

        2. All three Mariana's stores are good for buying Mexican ingredients, but the Valley View and Sahara location has the best best restaurant. Unfortunately, it looks like they've permanently gotten rid of the chips and salsa bar, which was free, but they still have their excellent chips behind the counter (these are the chips that are bagged and sold in the grocery section).

          I do think the food is better at La Mexicana, too (see several threads about it), and in the same mall, there is a carniceria and a water store that sells ice cream, sorbets, and fresh coconut juice.

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            I haven't tried La Mexicana; I uually hit up the place across the street (Bonita Michoacan).

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              I recently tried Bonita Michoacan in the interest of fairness, and since its well-liked. It was ok but nothing special. I think I'll stick to La Mexicana for lunch from now on (its also a favorite of mine, and the people who own it are very nice). The only reason I would chose Bonita Michoacan is if I wanted a margarita....which I would never drink at lunchtime.

          2. Still have not found ONE good local Mex place.
            I went to Espees on Durango because it got a good write up in citylife.
            I've had better meals at Del taco for half the price.
            The food tasted artificial and pre-made. Don't they know people can tell??
            Even the guacamole was a pre-mix...The search continues..

            People think this is such a great food town. If they only had to live here.

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              A few years ago,I had to make several deliveries to Vegas from here in Arizona and I found a place I was very impressed with and ate there every time I was in the area.
              It's called "La India Bonita Taqueria" and was located at 3375 S. Decatur Blvd. Suite 9&10.I hope it's still there.Tortillas were made onsite and at that time they even had the vertcal "asador" for tacos al pastor.
              I hope it's still there,it was great.

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                Anyone know if this place still exists?
                It's 2010 and there's still no quality, authenticMexican food here for the common working people. Faustos is the only one I need to try.
                Part of the reason I think is a lack of importance given to quality ingredients (think chipotle)
                by Mexican restaurant owners. This is an unfortunate fact of the Mexican culture that I have observed. You say the word "organic" and they look at you crazy and/or laugh.

                Just look at the tomatoes at some of the Mexican markets.... That's what they're working with.

            2. The area of Lake Mead Blvd. just east of Las Vegas Blvd. is studded with a wide array of Mexican cuisine. Anything from a handcart to a roach coach to full blown sit down restaurants. Going down there later in the evening in spring of autumn is wonderful.
              Just last Friday night, the wife and I went back to this really colorful place with a huge outdoor patio and ate terrific tacos al pastor on hand made tortillas. I know where it is, but I don't know the name. It's on the northeast corner of Lake Mead and Bassler St.

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                La Hacienda Hornys Barbque at Lake Mead and N. Christy Lane has an indoor restaurant, a patio in front, and an outdoor grill. Good tacos and a fuller menu inside.