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Sep 8, 2008 02:13 PM

Wanted: downtown denver, good eats, good chocolate, good wine.

I'll be coming in to Denver on Thursday, staying at the Hyatt by the Convention Center.
I'd like to surprise my sweetie who is coming in later in the evening with a nice bottle of Champagne, and some spectacular chocolates.

Can any of you chowhounds point me towards a good wine shop, and a good chocolate shop?

Also, we have one free night, Friday, and would love dinner recommendations. We're both foodies. Rioja and Table 6 are on our radar. Any other good suggestions? We prefer more ethnic foods over standard American fare.


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  1. Both of those are good choices; you might also consider Osteria Marco, Sushi Sasa, Z Cuisine, Lola, or Domo...unless by "ethnic" you were implying "hole in the wall"?

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    1. re: tatamagouche

      thank you! Lola looks good. I think we may try them for lunch.

    2. For wine downtown wines off wynkoop near the Tattered Cover in LODO always seemed helpful. Near downtown on Colfax is the huge Argonaut which often has the best selection and proces. For Chocolate, just west of Downtown is a retail location for Wen Chocolates, Very good and I'm very pro chocolate. Rocky mountain chocolate factory is found near Writer's square but for something different, go with Wen.

      I'm sure many others will give some dinner recs if you get a bit more specific about what kinds of ethnic you're looking for. Lots of options.


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        If you get wine at Argonaut, Belvedere Chocolate's is just down the street.

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          great! I will stop by wines off wynkoop.

          do you know anything about roberta's chocolate?