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Sep 8, 2008 01:41 PM

Lancaster PA

I will be visiting Lancaster for one night (F & M College tour with daughter) .
Gibraltar, Effie Ophelia and Carr’s have been suggested. We are interested in quality of the food, not ambience; cost is not an issue. Which would you recommend based on recent experience? Your guidance is much appreciated

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  1. I am a Lancaster native, there are many fabulous restaurants..including the ones recommended to you. Another that is focused on quality but ambience is also pleasant is John J Jeffries...really captures the local resources in an excellent manner.
    Another fave is Haydn Zugs just outside of Lancaster, 10-15 min from the college...excellent. Another favorite of mine with excellent quality,service and scrumptious dishes is Accomac Inn and is worth the drive over the river to the York side. I think with these 6 selections you will be more than pleased.
    What weekend are you planning on visiting? I would try and fit a trip to the farmers market...a mix with Amish and Mennonite farmers, gourmet stands and bakeries,etc...everything fresh with aromas teasing you through every aisle.
    Best of Luck with F& to hear your culinary experience in Lancaster.
    What weeke

    1. My in-laws live in Lancaster, and there are a lot of good independent restaurants. Checker's Bistro is excellent. It is in Lancaster City off of Queen St. On Columbia Avenue going west, there is El Serrano ( very good mexican food), Tobias Frog's and Symposium. I agree Hayden Zugs is very good. Central Market is open Saturdays in Lancaster city for fresh baked goods, produce, and a bite to eat. It is fun to see the local flavor!

      1. Well, I dined at Gibraltar. I had an excellent meal, as did my companions. Not just good, but excellent. I dine in NYC practically every day and the dishes at this rest. measure up to any seafood rest. located there (perhaps not Bernadine, which is for me in its own league, but certainly any of the others). Each plate was perfectly prepared with interesting accompaniments.

        1. Our daughter is an F&M alum. We spent a lot of weekends in B&Bs in the area. If you're there for just a night, I'd agree with the Haydn Zugs recommendation. We stayed, more often than not, at the Cameron Estate Inn, which has a restaurant on-site that pretty decent. Hope your daughter likes the campus. It's a terrific school in a very nice area.

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            Thanks bucksguy14. She loved the school and will probably apply there. I will try Haydn Zugs on next trip.

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              mlseats - when someone new responds to one of my posts, I (almost always) click on their user name to see what else they've posted about. Amazingly enough, the first post below this one is Carlisle, PA. Before I opened it, I knew you had been to Dickinson. What a coincidence! Our daughter was positive she wanted to go to Dickinson. I insisted she had to look at F&M because I knew she needed some point of comparison. She hated Carlisle and fell in love with F&M within about 10 minutes of arriving on campus. Then she floored us by applying to F&M for early decision and did not apply anywhere else! We she received her acceptance letter she looked at us and said "Told ya!". If your daughter winds up there, you'll have as much fun as she will. We still to go back for B&B weekends, drives in Amish country and some pretty decent food. Good luck to you and your daughter!

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                We went through a similar experience. On paper Dickinson held a strong attraction for my daughter but she was not excited when she reached the campus, and she did not care for Carlisle. In contrast, she really loved F & M and Lancaster. She will probably apply early decision. I must say I am thankful that I will be likely spending time in Lancaster rather than Carlisle (the rest. scene in Lancaster seems much more lively).

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                  We return again and again to El Serrano for excellent Mexican food and ambience.

                  My son is a senior at F&M (after looking at Dickinson too!) and he can't imagine himself at any other school. Excellent faculty and administration.

          2. thanks to all of you who replied so far; i really appreciate it; lots of "food" for thought (pun intended)
            best, alanatty

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              sorry, i thanked the wrong thread but the info will be useful; thanks, alanatty