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Any idea's where to find shaved ice with condensed milk and fruit toppings?

I was visiting family in Southern California recently and after a trip to Disneyland my sister introduced me to a place called Guppy Tea House (in Cerritos Ca.)
It's a bit of a younger crowd, but if you don't mind that or the wait you can get these great late night eats and snacks for pretty reasonable prices. Things like cold and hot Boba. Tea by the pot, Noodles, Rice, Gyoza, Grilled chicken gizzard and the big hit, Popcorn Chicken.....

They have great deserts like Brick Toast...
We had the "BUTTER COCONUT" brick toast

But the big thing to get there is the SHAVED ICE. you can choose the following toppings:
and they all come with CONDENSED MILK.

Sounds good right? Well I didn't have anymore room to pack that in by the end of our snacking so I have been looking for something like this ever since I got Back to S.F. and I can't find anything like it?

Any idea where to find this type of shaved ice with condensed milk?

Nothing in Japan town! And I went down Clement St the other night looking and I ended up and Quickly. Not that Quickly is bad.... they just don't have what I am looking for!
Thanks in advance.

Guppy Tea House
11803 E South St, Cerritos, CA 90703

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  1. Try looking for halo halo. It's Filipino.

    1. Brick toast and shaved ice as you described (minus oreo cookie topping....) are Taiwanese style snacks. Maybe not as easy to find in SF proper since demand is generally geared towards the Cantonese speaking population.

      Ten Ren Tea Station cafe (Northern California branches from the family that started this chain in Southern Cal/SGV) in Fremont and Newark would have this. I thought their mango shaved ice was especially decent. Joy in Foster City does a very nice version (they import the ice shaver machine from Taiwan) but they only have red bean (and I hear Joy is closed for remodeling and will re-open much later).

      1. Being a native of Cerritos and a current resident of J-Town in SF, I too am disappointed that I haven't found anything similar to Guppy Tea House in the City. I love the shaved ice w/ milk!

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            no, I guess I didn't walk down far enough. I will check this out as soon as I can!

          2. Sweet Delite on Clement at 6th has shaved ice. Their machine also looks like the ones from Taiwan. Note, condensed milk is considered a topping here. So you can pick either 2 toppings with condensed milk, or 3 toppings and no condensed milk. Can't remember how much they charge for additional toppings.

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                Awesome... good to know, thanks for the toppings tip!

              2. Monster Desserts in Tanforan Mall has shaved ice w/ condensed milk and a choice of toppings.
                The halo halo at Mitchell's or even Goldilock's is a good alternative.

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                  This looks really cool! I am so there this weekend! I'll let you know as soon as I try it!
                  Thanks ;)

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                    Just got back from monster desserts in San Bruno and it was awesome! Even though it's located in the mall, I enjoyed my strawberry and mango shaved iced very much! The actually put the shaved ice, some condensed milk, then more shaved ice, the fruit and then more condensed milk. My friend got the avocado and jack fruit. I tasted the jack fruit, which I had never tried before. Very tasty. I was a little leery of the avocado, but my friend enjoyed it! Thanks for the suggestion!