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great butcher shops

Looking for a good butcher shop in the montreal area.
any suggestions,


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  1. Montreal is pretty big, anywhere in particular?

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      location not an issue, looking for quality


    2. I absolutely love the Maison du Roti on Mont Royal. Meat is amazing, service is great, selection is superb. They gladly re trim or cut meat for your order, if they don't have it they will make it (once ordered ground chicken and they made it fresh) and have great suggestions. The butchery also has a cheese section, deli counter, coffee roaster (fairtrade coffee) and al lot of extras aroudn the walls, almost a one stop shop.


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        I don't understand all the love Maison du Rôti gets here and elsewhere. Another hound (VivreManger?) on this or another board once said it's a place where the food looks better than it tastes. I'd have to agree. Not to mention other issues, such as those mentioned in http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/3673...

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          I'm not that familiar with Maison du Roti, I have friends who really like it though. I was force-fed one of their tarte au sucre (the ones in the little boxes), and I really liked it! Good burned sugar flavour, very rich and creamy texture, but amazingly, not that sweet! Like a fois-gras duck, I'd be happy to waddle down and be force-fed again. Quack.

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            Why am I not surprised that you rate butcher shops on their sugar tarts? ;)

            But speaking of duck, MDR's duck confit -- the second sample (the first was so skunky as to be inedible) -- came in at last or near last place in my survey of 24+ purveyors. Wrong kind of duck and wrong preparation method result in a duck confit that's devoid of flavour or textural interest: an abomination. The chicken broth I purchased there was flavourless, the veal demi-glace salt-lickish. The lamb steaks were nothing special. Other people whose palates I trust report similar experiences. In view of that and their repeated convictions, reported in La Presse and on the CBC/Radio-Canada, for passing off less expensive meat as ultra-pricey meat and for selling illegally poached game, I know where I won't be taking my business.

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              I just cannot imagine Moh being force fed anything.

              Trying to visualize again...

              No. Not happening.

              OK, to stay on the topic, Maison du Roti seems too "generalized" and big to maintain a quality. You can only master a few things and they seem to diverge too much from a core theme to maintain their expertise. They just look like a big grocery.

        2. if I may do so, I would like to ask a sub-question... which one is your favorite butcher shop in Jean-Talon Market? I am looking for the best price and quality. thanks!

          1. I often go to Chez Vito (Corner St-Urbain & Fairmount) but it's quite close to where I live. I've also had good experiences at Atwater Market. There are several butchers there, but for some reason I usually end up buying from Claude et Henri.

            I'd recommend them both.

            1. Boucherie de Paris on Gatineau in CDN.
              Boucherie Atlantique on Côte-des-Neiges in CDN (especially strong on German specialties like sausages and hams).
              Anjou-Québec on Laurier West in Outremont (pricey).
              Chez Vito in Mile End.
              Fermes St-Vincent at the Jean Talon and Atwater markets (organic, pricey).
              Other Jean Talon market butchers (Boucherie du Marché for the widest selection including increasingly hard-to-find cuts like hangar steak; Veau de Charlevoix for veal and some lamb; Porc Meilleur for almost-organic pork; Prince Noir, especially for horsemeat and organic lamb; Capitol for decent meat at pretty good prices).
              Milano on St-Laurent in Little Italy.
              Maître Boucher on Monkland in NDG.
              Boucherie Westmount on Sherbrooke in Westmount (d'oh!).

              Atwater Market has some good butchers too, though I don't frequent them enough to have favourites.

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                Boucherie de Tours is my favourite butcher at Atwater - good quality, decent prices.

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                  Which one is the best for dry aged steaks?

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                    Dry-aged steaks aren't all the rage here. The only butcher I'm sure dry-ages is Boucherie de Paris (always entrecôtes), and even then you have to ask and, unless you're lucky, make arrangements several weeks, if not months, in advance (he's been known to age whole rib roasts for more than three months). Since I buy nearly all my beef from him, I've not inquired elsewhere, so there may well be others. I have a vague recollection of reading about some West Island butcher who offers them. I also believe you can buy dry-aged cuts from La Queue de Cheval, though it's bound to cost a pretty penny.

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                      Thanks a bunch, I'll hit the Queue!

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                        I am guessing 40 West would be cheaper. They were once sister restaurants and I think their dry aging process is the same. Still would be a pretty penny though...

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                      Boucherie du Marché has bison bavette now - scarcely more expensive than the normal beef kind.

                      The tiny sausages at Milano are great. They are sold at the butchers' counter in the back, not at the central cheese and deli island. The Tuscan lamb sausages won over an Argentine friend (she doesn't like spicy things such as merguez).

                      Agree about Boucherie Atlantique, also a great destination for grocery items from the German-speaking world. And with several of the others: Fernando, for poultry and game (including wonderful sausages for people avoiding red meat), and Fairmount for Hungarian or other Central European items.

                      For South American specialities and cuts, Boucherie St-Viateur on Beaubien, corner Casgrain. Very good prices.

                    3. For anything Eastern European, look no further than Charcuterie Fairmont on the main. It smells like a Hungarian grandmother's kitchen, which is high praise.

                      1. I am going to repeat myself for the millionth time, but for poultry and game meat (farmed game, unfortunately due to regulations), I like Volailles Et Gibiers Fernando at Roy. They have good variety, peeps are friendly and know what they are doing, and their prices are fair.

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                          Not for the first time, Fernando slipped my mind. You're right: it's a good butcher store, certainly the best in the area.

                        2. My favorite would be Atlantique. Although $$$, their tenderloin never disappoints. I also have no problem buying meat at CostCo & would rate their lamb (both rack & loins), their rib steaks & their tenderloin as very good & excellent value for the $. 3 huge rib steaks cost less than what I pay for 2 avg size steaks elsewhere. And if you slice up a whole tenderloin, you end up paying about $5-$7 for quite a few nice filet mignons.

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                            If you want high-quality meat that has not been in a cage all of its' life, nor fed antibiotics due to the prisoner-like living conditions it has endured, nor fed any sort of chemical that will cause it to grow fatter, faster, then join a CSA.

                            I buy my chickens and pork from CSAs, where I can see that the animal lived a decent life. I care not only for the life the animal lived, but the health of the animal while it was alive. If it was sick when it was alive, do I want to eat it? No.

                            Even if a butcher shop is clean inside, do we know where the animal came from before it got to the shop? If you answer that you do not want to know that sort of thing, then you are fooling yourself.

                            Always ask your butcher where the meat came from. Do not feel shy or ashamed - you have the right to know. If they will not tell you or cannot tell you, then they are hiding something from you. They are hiding this information because they know that if you knew how the animals lived and died, you would not buy the meat from them.

                            Asking them will also encourage them to source meat from better places.

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                              Hi how can I join CSA, where can I buy CSA


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                                For CSA, a good starting point is the Equiterre organization.


                          2. Another vote for Chez Vito. The guys there are very friendly, knowledgeable and courteous. I haven't found a better rib steak anywhere else, and prices are reasonable.

                            I've also had some good luck at Atwater market, though I can't recall the exact shop.

                            1. Try Boucherie Westmount they have a great selection of meat namely Kamouraska Lamb,1850 Prime Rib that's the best I have ever eaten,great meaty baby Back ribs,delicious veal chops that are at par with Boucherie Capitole, Lamb and Veal tenderloins only to mention what I think are his best products and the owner Tony is passionate about everything he sells.514-481-1811

                              1. Another vote for Chez Vito. Never had a bad experience, on the contrary. Best sweetbreads. If don't have what you want, it's either they sold out or would rather not sell it to you. I go out of my way to go there and it's well worth my time.

                                Really bad experience: Prince Noir at Jean-Talon market. Got caught twice with improperly vaccu-packed meat and ended up throwing away about 125$ worth of meat. They couldn't care less. Never went back.

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                                  What you couldn't get a refund, if it's their fault?

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                                    What is the best butcher at Jean Talon?

                                  2. i can't believe no one mentioned Zinman Chicken Market. the place is huge, supplies most of the mentioned butcher shops, and has great service! the meat never dissapoints, and they will prepare anything you want. the store is on the corner of st-dominique and mozart. the butchers are extremely knowledgeable. you can ask them pretty much any thing. give it a try you won't be dissapointed!

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                                      "I have a vague recollection of reading about some West Island butcher who offers them" from Carswell on 9/9/08

                                      Any idea who this butcher is in the west island?


                                    2. Chez Vito in Mile End.
                                      On corner of Fairmont and st-urbain I believe.
                                      Guy is really nice. Great tasting meat and nice cuts!
                                      Get a paninni after accross the street at corner of Clarck and fairmont!

                                      1. this thread could help you, specifically about dry aged beef:

                                        1. Any butcher recs on the South Shore? Looking for quality meats when I don't the time to cross the bridge...

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                                            Try the fellow at the Fruiterie 440 in Taschereau (La Boucherie). He's from France so cuts are European. I was using him quite frequently when coming back from MSH.

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                                              Good to know. I am in Brossard and had not found anything local that was decent.

                                              I buy less often, and make the trip for quality at Atwater (des Tours, Adelard Belanger) or JTM (PorcMeilleur, du Marche, Capitol) or AGA for veal.