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Sep 8, 2008 01:24 PM


I'll be in Shenzen next week for four days. Can anyone recommend a nice place for dinner, that won't scare away the few co-workers, and a client, that will be joining me. I'm not very well versed in Chinese cuisine other than the few times a year I eat Sunday brunch dim sum.

thanks much...

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  1. Believe it or not, there is a lot of good food to be found in Shenzhen - basically Chinese chefs go where the money is, and there's a lot of it in Shenzhen.

    For Cantonese food (incl. dim sum - but that's at lunch) a good one is Jing Yue Xuan, which is right out of the Che Gong Miao subway station (Exit D I think)

    another great one is Gang Nan Chu Zi for Hangzhou/Shanghainese cuisine, which is usually easier to accept than Cantonese (stronger, 'easier' flavours, less pig ears etc.). It's in a big mall called MXC, also right above a subway station - I think it might be Guo Mou station (?)

    The two above are hotel-like in decor - very high end, but prices are certainly reasonable esp in US terms.

    For Sichuan (if you like it really hot), there's a good chain (still high-end, but more localised) called Ba Shu Feng - they have several around town, and if you're staying at a hotel or have a local office, I'm sure they'd be able to book for you. There's an outlet on Hua Qiang Bei Lu (Lu = Street).

    There are plenty more, but these are the most accessible - hope this helps


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      There is a new resaurant called BA GUO BU YI to serve spicy food very well. The price is similar with Gang Nan Chu Zi. You may found the two restaurants around Shi Jie Zhi Chuang metro station. However, if you could not stand the strong flavor of Cantonese seafood, I highly recommend to try Cantonese brunch ("Zao Cha", i.e. morning tea), made up of tasty and beautiful dishes and deserts, and full of local people. Some famous restaurants are around Hua Qiang Bei or Guo Mao Area, such as Tian Tian Yu Gang, Sheng Ting Yuan Jiu Lou, Shang Hai Bin Guan, Dan Gui Xuan, etc.