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Sep 8, 2008 01:09 PM

Degustation seating

I am considering dinner at Degustation on an upcoming trip, the picture shows a counter,
are there also tables ? thanks

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  1. I've not eaten there yet, but there are not tables, just the counter, from what I have read.

    1. Just a counter. Half of the experience is seeing / smelling the food being prepped right in front of you... kind of like a Benihana's. Oi Vey!

      1. I have been several times. No tables. My SO generally will never sit at a counter. He will at Degustation and for dessert at Falai. Degustation is better for 2, though we did go once with 3 people.

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        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          surprisingly, its kinda intimate for a couple despite the counter seating. the acoustics were such that i could barely hear the people next to us...or maybe i was really infatuated with my date.

          that said, great place...not the best food ever but very solid.

          1. re: sam1

            I love Degustaton for its ambiance, experience and food. I find the counter intimate and also providing a fabulous view. I've had two stellar meals, and highly recommend it. The seating is good for 2 even 3 people, but 4 gets tough and I recommend either a corner of near chef Genovart as he is running the show there.

        2. As a side note, the chairs are regular chairs, not bar stools. The counter is table height. Very comfortable.

          1. thank you so much for the information,the part about the regular chairs is what I needed to hear,my bad knees will be grateful...

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            1. re: papilles

              The seats are actually very comfortable, and if you get the seats on either side of the counter, there will be minimal movement of the servers behind you.
              Degustation is best for 2 or max 3 though fyi.