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Sep 8, 2008 01:00 PM

Bacchus Bistro (Marshall, NC) what's the deal?

I had high hopes for this spot next to French Broad Taqueria when I heard the owners were formerly of Stovetrotters. Has anyone been? Friends went recently and were sorely disappointed...said the pizza tasted like frozen crust...unimaginative menu...and just very expensive for the type of food. They paid $88 for 2 with 2 apps, drinks and 2 entrees and said everything was just so mediocre - including the service. They were kicking themselves for not going to French Broad Taqueria next door. Was it just a bad night for this new restaurant or are they just trying to capitalize on the beer and wine and not worry about the food?

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  1. I went there this evening. They now have a new expanded menu (as of September 9th) with a large number of more or less traditional Italian dishes. A few items seemed to be priced a bit high, including the wine by the glass, but by and large it seemed reasonable, certainly by Asheville standards. Many entrees are available in half portions, which were sufficient unless you are starving or a teen-age boy or both. We got out for $36 (with tax, but before tip) for soup and salad, entree, a glass of wine and tea.

    1. I have been to the Bistro a couple of times. Mediocre is the perfect word for it. What annoyed me most was the three ounce pour of wine for $6.75! They had better step it up a notch or Marshall will disown them.

      1. And, I agree the French Broad Taqueria has it all over them.

        1. I checked them out last week. Found them just so so. I heard they were from Stovetrotters but learned from a friend that they were short term employees who came from 28806. Seems that they are trying, but they have to be a little better than they are to get me to come back. They are new, maybe just learning about the business. Still, the wine price kept me at one glass.

          1. Anyone know hwo the chef is? I understand Stovetortter's is in trouble and the chef left recently. Can't think of his name.