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Sep 8, 2008 12:36 PM

RED Bank for Saturday Dinner

We are looking for a good place for dinner on a Saturday night in Red Bank. We are not looking for a casual place- but with great food.Any suggestions?

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  1. Great food and on the formal side. The answer is Nicholas. One of the very best restaurants anywhere. https://www.restaurantnicholas.com

    1. http://www.restaurantpassion.com/list...

      Le Fandy in Fair Haven. (next town over.) BYOB and one of my favorite places!


      1. http://www.tablenj.com/index.html

        If "in" Red Bank is slightly flexible then Table in Little Silver is a wonderful dining experience.

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          I agree with Val, if you are looking for "great" food in the Red Bank area, Nicholas clearly fits the bill. I'm a little confused by your post however. Are you looking for a casual restaurant? If so I would try Dish, Thyme Square or as HillJ recommends, Table. With regard to Le Fandy, its not one of my favorites. Good Luck.

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            Have to agree with bgut on Thyme Square or Dish if you desire to stay in Red Bank - otherwise all of the others mentioned will fit the bill.

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              bgut1, do you consider Table a casual restaurant? When we enjoyed dinner there recently the dining room was filled with well dressed guests.

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                Hill - Yes, I do. By well dressed, do you mean jacket and tie for the gentlemen? But for Nicholas and Fromagerie (excepting their bars), I consider most if not all restaurants in Monmouth County to be casual. I think the trend of late is to move to that type of dining.

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                  ah, I suspected that's what you meant. It's challenging to know what people mean by casual ...a town like R/B prides itself on being casual across the restaurant divide...but still I see well dressed people all over town. To me casual is a pizza parlor. Thanks for your take.