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Sep 8, 2008 12:18 PM

18th Birthday Party for 8-10 people in Downtown Toronto?

I'm looking for a place for an 18th Birthday Party in Downtown Toronto.
The Birthday Party is for a girl. She can go with most cuisines but not too fond of Thai food or buffets or anything like that for her 18th.
Also, she has previously visited Pickle Barrel, Caseys, East Side Mario's and such places for birthdays. A few of her friends are vegetarians,so there needs to be an option for that. Somewhere fun and friendly would be great.
Oh, as for the budget, anywhere from $15-30/per person is perfect (because we are all teenagers). Also, looking for a place where it's not too busy in the late afternoon or early dinner. I'm thinking of Sultan's Tent, do you guys think it's appropriate for an 18th Birthday?

One last request, if there is a website for your suggested place, I would highly appreciate that.

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  1. Have you considered hitting Spadina, Chinatown? It's not fun in the Jack Astor's sort of way, but it's not your typical place to go for an 18th b-day celebration. It could make for a memorable evening. E-Pan is a great Chinese restaurant. Vegetarian options won't be an issue and Chinese food offers great value when it comes to larger groups.

    E-Pan probably offers the nicest atmopshere among all of the restaurants available in that area. Really nice service too and the food is excellent.

    E-Pan is located at 369 Spadina.

    1. I know a group of 18-year-olds who recently had a celebratory dinner at the City Grill at the Eaton Centre. I know it's not particularly chowish but they enjoyed it and the menu is well within your budget. They are set up to do parties as well.

      I wouldn't go with Sultan's Tent, do a search and you'll find many negative comments. I don't think it'd be worth it.