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Sep 8, 2008 12:15 PM

Helados Vazquez - another original in Black Rock

We tried this new gelateria on Fairfield Avenue in Black Rock this weekend and highly recommend it. The name and sign out front are a bit misleading, as Helados Vazquez is more than just an ice cream place, and only somewhat Latin in its ambiance and menu.

They had about 20 different flavors of delicious gelato made with fresh ingredients such as peaches, mangoes and lemons. We liked the yogurt gelato which they served with a little fresh berry sauce on top. Pistachio gelato was also very good. Other flavors included: coconut, strawberry, passion fruit, tiramisu, pineapple and hazelnut-chocolate (I'm sure I'm forgetting quite a few).

There were three lunch/dinner meal specials which were a good value at about $8 to $9 each. We tried the tamales and the pork ribs in salsa verde, both of which were excellent. The meals came with a variety of side dishes, including: rice, black beans, avocado, plaintains, corn salad and homemade jalapeno bread with hot sauce on the side. Everything was yummy. Since they don't have their liquor license yet, they were happy to let us bring in our own beer.

Everything is made on the premises with high-quality ingredients and the husband-wife team who run the place are very friendly. Helados Vazquez is two doors down from the new Ash Creek Saloon location (where the Black Rock Castle used to be). The owners have done a great job of fixing up the building and you can see on display some of the unusual items they found inside the walls when they renovated.

A great addition to the neighborhood! Try it and tell us what you think!

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  1. Just stopped in for the first time last week. Thanks for the recommendation. This place in not to be missed. I loved it so much that I signed up for a yelp account to write a review and help get the word out. Everything is fresh and locally grown when possible. The serve up really flavorful, authentic, and high quality Mexican food. The homemade tortillas are top notch, it was my first time having them, and it makes all the difference. The place is very nicely renovated and impeccably clean. The gelato is incredible with over 20 flavors and made with real fruit. The price point is perfect, only around $8 for an entree. BYOB is a big plus. Definitely check it out!

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      Sadly, HV is closed. Every time I drive by and see the For Lease sign, I feel so sad.

      1. re: heureuse

        I really miss that place too. I thought they were excellent. I've heard that the owner was a bit eccentric, but I'm not sure if that played into their demise at all.

        At least we've got the Port Coffee House.

        1. re: RatherBeFishing

          I noticed they took the for lease sign down. Could something else be going in there? Does anyone know when that Brick Oven Pizza place is opening? I peeked in the other day and everything seems to be set up.

          Brick Oven Pizza
          122 Howe St, New Haven, CT 06511