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Sep 8, 2008 11:53 AM

Weekend lunch near Nasher? - Dallas

Last time I went to the Nasher, we had lunch at their Wolfgang Puck restaurant, & it was a bit more puck than Wolfgang. They appeared to be running low on most of the ingredients for my cobb salad. Fool me once ...

So looking for new options for a foodie crowd ... TIA.

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  1. Check out Screen Door. They have a website and are like 2 blocks from the Nasher in the Arts District. FABULOUS food! Wonderful Sunday brunch. Just went again yesterday and halfway through our meal in walked Stephan Pyles, the founding chef at Stephan Pyles Restaurant, Foodtv fame, etc. You know the food is good when the celebrity chefs are patronizing the place!

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        Thanks for the recommendation. Checked out the website & it looks fascinating! Ultimate Meatloaf studded with foie gras bits ... I have always considered those two foods to be utterly different experiences, but I'm certainly intrigued ...

      2. Stephan Pyles' restaurant is also close by. And in the same plaza as Screen Door, there's Tei An for fresh japanese soba.

        1. That actually really surprises me....every meal we've had there has been wonderful (we go to the nasher the first Saturday of every month for their free family day).

          i would definitely recommend Stephen Pyles. I haven't been to Screen Door as of yet but I've heard good things.

          1. I love going to the Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus. Lots of history there. On weekdays, you can see a very interesting "Old Dallas" crowd sipping on Dom Perignon and munching on prawns. You see all types and I think the food is pretty well priced for what you get. The tiny teacups of broth with scones and the famous popovers with berry jelly are included. The atmosphere is really, really nice. I've had the halibut entree for about $20 and it includes the above. It's not a everyday lunch place, but still a really fun experience.