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Sep 8, 2008 11:12 AM

Where to go for tasty dining AND wining in Geneva?

Dear All, in October I'll be spending some days in Geneva, and would like some tips on where to have a good dinner, if possible accompanied by some good wines. It doesn't need to be cheap, though I'm not looking for the very luxureous or Michelin-starred level. I am familiar with Cafe de Paris and like that. Heard great things about Chez Ma Cuisine. The boards here suggest Bistrot du Boeuf Rouge and Le Mortimer. Anybody more suggestions?!
Tips on Italian or South East Asean are welcome as well.
And especially places to sample regional wines, or where many wines are served by the glass. Many thanks!

PS: I will report back to you all

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  1. Willem, dunno if this is too late. I am in Geneva right now and have gone to a few places I think are worth trying.

    Bistrot du Boeuf Rouge is great. I was looking for provincial French and got it. Had my rillette, andouillette, and saw guys having boudin noir. Of course there is also the usual saucisson, entrecote and rabbit/pheasant...etc. They have a good wine list. Guys next to me were having Vega Silicia and I saw Sassicaia and Petrus in the wine fridges by the door.

    I also had lunch at Le Relais de l'Entrecote and La Coupole. Both were excellent at serving simple but yummy food.

    I missed out trying Cafe Papon in the old town. Heard it's pretty good.

    For top end, I tried both Parc des Eaux-Vives (2-star) and Philippe Rochat (3-star).