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good fancyish lunch place in gay village?

So I'm new to Toronto and live in the gay village (Wellesley & Church). My parents are visiting and will take me (and several friends) out to brunch/lunch on Sunday for my birthday and I was hoping for some recommendations. I don't really care about what cuisine, I just want a delicious meal at a nice place! Easy walking distance is definitely preferable.

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  1. Not sure what your definition of "fancyish" is, but you could try Wish @ Charles & Yonge.

    1. Try "Fire on the East Side" at Yonge and Gloucester. The food is usually quite good. It is popular and therefore quite busy. Some of the staff and patrons are also easy on the eyes. If the weather holds out, there is a patio in front. They have a website, too.

      1. Not too many great choices in the village. Fire on the East Side (FOTES) is probably your best best for brunch if you want something within walking distance. Fuzion is better food but it's more of a dinner place. If you want to walk a bit further south King East has a number of good brunch places including Le Petit Dejeuner (might be tough to fit a crowd). Toba is very good for brunch and could accomodate a crowd.

        1. Oh yeah. Don't go to Zeldas!!!!!!

          1. I live in the hood also, brunch and wish and fire on the east for sure are you best bets. If you walk down Gerrard to Parliment you'll open up to a few other choices, but that may be out of walking range.

            1. Wish at Charles and Yonge (on the east side) is very nice - they serve a decent brunch amongst a relaxed but cool Miami-minimal decor. Not exactly Chowish but my pick for the area...

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                Try Byzantium on Church Street.
                They used to serve brunch, and have great martinis and cocktails! :)

              2. Perhaps this is the subject of another post, but maybe one of the locals on this thread can enlighten me: is Focaccia still there on Hayden and will it be appropriate as a recommendation? I used to work nearby and loved that place.

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                  Thanks for the recommendation of Focaccia! It's not open on Sundays, but I decided to go there this evening, and it was excellent! The duck was really good. The waiter was a little intense, but it just added to the experience :)

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                    Intense... a somewhat portly older man, per chance? I can't recall his name (Frank?), but if it is who I think it is, "intense" is a bit of an understatement. A real character. Great guy.

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                      I think it is who you think it is, since he fits your description, but he went by Larry when I was there.

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                      Glad to hear it's still there and that you enjoyed the food. I must go revisit that old haunt in the near future.

                  2. Thanks everyone for your responses! I ended up going to Wish (I had been to FOTES before and enjoyed it, but wanted somewhere new). I thought the meal was good, and the atmosphere was nice, though I'm not sure what makes it Miami decor.