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Sep 8, 2008 10:42 AM

Commercial Drive Vancouver - anything worth making the trek out there?

I was thinking of trying the gelato at Dolce Amore while I am visiting, but I don't want to trek out there just for that. (Especially since I will be staying in very close proximity to BOTH Mondo Gelato locations.) This will be my 3rd time in Vancouver, but I have never visited the Drive.

Is there any restaurants in the area I should try? I've looked at the Commercial Drive website, but I really didn't see anything tempting. Am I over looking something? I love Indian. How are those Tandoori places? ... I also see lots of Sushi. Anything there? Maybe a chow worthy deli?

Are there any good stores worth checking out?


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  1. Lime Restaurant for sushi and Stella's for Belgian Beer (large selection) are my two recs. The Tandoori places are unremarkable. For charcuterie JN&Z. La Grotta for cheese. Lot's of Italian/ethnic shops if you feel like browsing.

    1. Lime is killer. Go there for sushi.
      Stella's is good for beers (as stated), but I wouldn't eat there.

      I like Me and Julio's for nuevo Mexican as well.

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        Another: Wazuubee for a few glasses of wine from their very affordable (and quite decent) winelist.

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          Coffee/Espresso: Prado, JJBean, Continental, Bump n Grind (they have a Clover....though it was not yet in operation the last time I was there.)

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            Check out this v recent thread started by yours truly for a good run down of what's happening chow-wise on the Drive:

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              Thank you! I didn't see that thread - that is exactly what I was looking for.

        2. The gelato at Dolce Amore is worth the trek! :o)

          1. its really a nothing "trek" as the skytrain is fast and efficient

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              I was just thinking about that. It looks like I can take the sky train and walk up to Dolce Amore and then take the bus back downtown. :-)

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                I suggest Skytraining back. The buses going along Hastings St back downtown will be....entertaining. Then again -- a visit to Vancouver is not complete without a trip through the Downtown Eastside.

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                  And you'd also be going right near a bunch of great restos in Gastown. If you time it all right, you could hit up Boneta or Cobre for appetizers and drinks...