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Sep 8, 2008 10:38 AM

Why is this Dansk dinnerware so cheap?

They have nice sets for reasonable prices, too reasonable perhaps. They say they import on their website. I'm not knowledgeable of these things, but I suppose it must be because of the backlash from stoneware made in China?

Edit: As this article indicates:

Dansk apparently makes lead-free products, while many others cannot say this, and yet they are made in Thailand. Being a consumer is hard work these days.

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  1. My parents have had the same Dansk dinnerware and flatware since the early '80s and they're holding up fine. I am especially in love with their more Scandinavian vibe from the '60s and '70s--check those out on ebay if you're so inclined.

    (I don't know if Dansk was made in Europe at that point, or what...)

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      Dansk is an American company. The country of manufacture should be labeled on the piece.

      I am luck to have inherited one of the original (made in Denmark) Kobenstyle enameled steel paella pans.