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Sep 8, 2008 10:36 AM

Seeking good chinese takeout - Middletown NJ

I'm looking for a good local place for basic Chinese takeout -- chicken & broccoli, hot sour soup, ribs, etc. Anyone know a local place that rises above mediocrity?

Local for us is from Belford in Middletown, westward to Centerville Hazlet.

Some may suggest Crown Palace, but I wasn't impressed.
Maybe there's a little storefront place that does a good job...


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  1. With the departure of Middletown's Hunan House..I can't name one in the zone you need. Have you heard anything on the restaurant opening in Hunan's place?

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    1. re: HillJ

      >>> Have you heard anything on the restaurant opening in Hunan's place?

      Hill, I haven't heard anything, except that the name is Bandu. They have a sign out front.

    2. Well, here goes, most of my posts about Chinese generally start of with 'When I can't make it over to West Lake...' For Quick take-out I like Great Wall in Hazlet, on Union Ave. & Middle Road in Romeo's Plaza. Decent boneless BBQ Pork, on the sweet side though, good Lo Mein, Pot Stickers (doubt that they are made in house) General Tso's, Moo Shu Pork (never spicy enough!) Yes it can be a little inconsistant at time, as most Chinese take outs seem to be, but it's where I go! It's also the closest to home, I'm sure that is a factor.

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      1. re: DrewBB

        Thanks Drew. That's the kind of advice I was looking for. I'm looking for nearby and not terrible.
        If I have the time, I go to West Lake, Shanghai Bun, or Far East Taste.

        I'll try Great Wall and report back.

      2. Not sure if you have found a place but I really LOVE Golden Jade on Leonardville Rd. They have the best hot & sour soup in my opinion. For chicken & broccoli my hands down favorite is House of Chong on 35 in Middletown.

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          I've tried House of Chong twice. First time was bad, second worse. Bando, the new place where Hunan House was, is excellent. However, the last time we got take-out there, there was not a lot of sauce in the entre. That may be a plus or minus, depending on preference.

          The place we frequent most often is Ruby Palace on 35, which sounds like it would be the most convenient for you. The food is very good. Not the best around, but certainly decent. And the value is good, as the portions are large and they often throw in something extra. As for the H&S soup, that's my barometer for a Chinese restaurant. Theirs is one of the best I've had around here.

          1. re: cantkick

            Locally, Chinese people go to West Lake, Ruby Palace and Bandu for good, authentic Chinese food.