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Sep 8, 2008 09:55 AM

Strawberry fields forever....

Went to Jean-Talon market on Saturday and did not refrigerate strawberries (a bushelful) or store as I should have (though I am not very familiar with how to treat strawberries). They are going to have to be used quickly, as some are starting to spoil. Any great tips on a rescue recipe that calls for lots of strawberries?

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  1. Pie, turnovers, some sort of cake, jam, ice cream, all of the above.

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    1. Slice into a big bowl, lightly sugar, cover and let macerate till you get a nice bit of juice. Spoon into freezer containers. The kids like it straight out of the freezer with a quick pass thru the microwave to loosen it up- like a chunky sorbet. Great defrosted and spooned over any thing like pound cake, oatmeal, vanilla ice cream, etc.

      1. The ones that are in good condition will keep quite a bit longer -- a week or more -- in a glass jar(s) (with lids, no you can't use plastic) in the fridge. So you can keep some for "fresh" and/or until you decide what to do with them.

        1. I had suggested that you make jam or puree them and freeze the puree to make ice cream later. However, my post disappeared as you had posted the thread 3 times, and in the cleanup my post got wiped out as it was the first post in one of the three.

          1. macerate them in balsamic vinegar and black pepper... then serve over ice cream w/ or w/o shortbread cakes