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Sep 8, 2008 09:40 AM

wineries by Madrid or Salamanca?

Does anyone know of any wineries that are within a "day trip" of Madrid or Salamanca that can be reached by train or bus (or as part of a one day tour with a group)? I am spending three weeks in Spain next year (the majority of time will be in these two cities), but will not have a car. So far the only wineries I have been able to find that are within reach of a bigger city by public transport are a few cava places outside of Barcelona.

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  1. The Jesus Diaz Winery is near Madrid, has a web page in English and has posted visiting hours. Your hotel could probably help you find the best means of transportation to get there.

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      Thank you for the information. I may need to go that route, the tours are a little pricey for me!

    2. There is also a company which organizes wine tours. Their web page is: No English translation but the one-day trip includes transportation, lunch and guided tours.

      1. In addition to Viavinum, which offers day long wine tours to the vineyards in Toledo, there's also
        Vintage Spain, which offers day excursions from Madrid to the Ribera del Duero and to the Toledo, La Mancha wineries.

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          Do you happen to know what the approximate cost of the Vintage Spain one day tours are? The Viavinum ones are way out of my price range unfortunately...

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            I don't know, because the price of these tours depends on the number of participants. I suspect that V.S. and Viavinum will have similar pricing, but you'd need to email V.S.

            Another option would be to visit the Viñedos Cigarral Santa María winery in Toledo-a creation of Adolfo Muñoz, the owner of the famed Toledo restaurant Adolfo. It lies a bit outside the city on Cerro Emperador. It's promoted as "the only urban vineyard in Spain." You could do this on your own via high speed (30 min.) Avant train from Madrid to Toledo then taxi. See for details on their wine tour and tasting.

            Divinum Vitae, the wine producers' association of Castilla-La Mancha, has a web page listing all the region's wineries and interactive map. There may be another that would be feasible to reach by public transportation, but I think that the above-mentioned Toledo winery will be your best bet. Read about all the Castilla-La Mancha wineries on Divinum Vitae's web page:

            Speaking of Vintage Spain & Salamanca wineries:
            they take their clients to Hacienda Zorita, just 10 km. from Salamanca in the village of Valverdón. This is a hotel-restaurant-winery where their Durius labels are produced. You could email them to ask about a visit on your own via taxi from Salamanca. Don't know about a bus or guided tour from the city out to this winery.

            Hope this helps.

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              Thank you for the great information. We are definitly going to Toledo anyway by train so that first one may work. That Hacienda Zorita outside of Salamanca looks amazing, I will definitely email them to see if I can set up a visit on my own.

              You aren't the Maribel of "Maribel's Guide" are you?

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                Hope these wineries work out for you. Have a great trip!

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                  I already have your guide to Segovia printed out, too. Thank you for all of your great information!!!!